PowerVR Graphics

PowerVR Graphics

PowerVR™ graphics IP consists of the industry's leading graphics accelerators supporting a broad range of applications in mobile, consumer and computing segments. PowerVR enables a powerful and flexible solution for all forms of multimedia processing, including 3D & 2D graphics and GPU compute.

PowerVR's unique tile-based, deferred rendering/shading architecture allows a very small area of a die to deliver higher performance and image quality at lower power consumption than all competing technologies. All major APIs are supported including the latest versions of the OpenGL ES, OpenGL, DirectX APIs and a variety of compute APIs including OpenCL and Renderscript/Filterscript.

The PowerVR Series6 (codenamed Rogue) architecture enables next generation premium market segment super-phones and tablets enabling the optimal balance between latest APIs feature set requirements and power consumption through a focus on power efficiency. The architecture has the latest most-optimal implementation of tile based deferred rendering coupled with a highly latency tolerant, efficient multi-threaded and multi-tasking data-driven execution engine which is highly scalable through a pipeline cluster approach. Bandwidth is kept to a minimum through the additions of lossless compression algorithms as well as the latest versions our widely used PowerVR Texture Compression technology.

The PowerVR SGX Series5XT architecture extends the SGX family capabilities bringing a market leading feature set with dedicated YUV and Colour Space Accelerators. Impressive performance levels are achieved through multi-processor capability combined with twice the peak floating point and instruction throughput of equivalent Series5 architecture cores. All the benefits and backwards compatibility with the SGX Series5 IP core family are maintained thus enabling mid-range and high-end market segments.

The PowerVR SGX™ Series5 architecture provides a powerful and flexible shader-based graphics solution for all forms of embedded 3D and 2D graphics, incorporating advanced anti-aliasing capabilities and programmability (via GLSL or OpenCL) for image processing and other intensive multimedia tasks . PowerVR SGX IP Cores have been adopted by the market leaders for low-cost mass-market SoC application processors and is compatible with the massive back catalogue of PowerVR MBX applications.

A comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) is available through the PowerVR Insider website www.powervrinsider.com, as well as a fuller version for IP licensees. The SDK provides extensive tools (including profiling and API tracing tools), tutorials, documentation and source code examples, and is used widely throughout the developer community for developing and optimising graphics-rich applications.

PowerVR Insider, the premier ecosystem programme for mobile and consumer graphics developers brings together thousands of members and provides comprehensive support for developers, publishers and middleware developers as well as extensive co-marketing opportunities for OEMs, ODMs, content developers and semiconductor companies.

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