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Ensigma RPU architecture

Ensigma™ Radio Processing Units (RPU) implement all of the connectivity and broadcast reception requirements of tomorrow’s complex SoCs. With more than thirty different deployable standards available for Ensigma RPUs today, they are the world’s most comprehensive baseband solution for integration into SoCs and advanced chipsets.

Ensigma RPUs are offered in a wide spectrum of performance capabilities, ranging from MIMO-capable multi-stream cores featuring dynamic support for mixed simultaneous standards to single-steam configurations that can replace multiple hardwired cores.

The RPU uniquely combines fully programmable modulation and coding processors (MCP) with multi-standard hardware accelerators and a multi-stream DMA fabric to yield a power and area optimized multi-standard baseband solution. The hardware accelerators implement structures less suited to software such as signal down-conversion and advanced error correction, and are themselves reused between standards.

Ensigma IP cores are delivered in fully synthesisable RTL with source code drivers, binary MCP code for all licensed standards, and extensive documentation.

The Ensigma RPU front end is designed to work with most low IF or zero IF tuner solutions. To ensure our customers have access to total solutions for both on-chip and off-chip RF,  Imagination also offers a wide range of RF tuner options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other standards using both in-house capabilities and in partnership with 3rd party partners who can provide both on-chip and external device solutions.

A full simulator is also provided, enabling our licensees to develop and tune their own MCP code and to develop a range of system simulation and verification solutions. Evaluation boards are also available.

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