Ensigma Receiver IP Platform

Ensigma Multistandard Communications

Our Ensigma communications IP portfolio delivers comprehensive solutions for all forms of communications and networking. By providing this unique programmable, multi-standard solution as a highly configurable family of SoC IP cores, our partners can integrate the last major function onto their SoC: communications. And thanks to the unrivalled breadth of standards supported, compelling communications chipsets can be created.

PURE EVOKE FlowAt the heart of these solutions are the Ensigma RPU (Radio Processing Unit) and Ensigma NPU (Network Processing Unit). Each of these has an advanced architecture evolved over multiple generations to deliver the ultimate performance at ultra-low power consumption.

And recognising the need for total solutions, Imagination has both in-house design services and a community of RF tuner partners to ensure you can implement your complete subsystem as you wish.

The Ensigma RPU IP core family supports multi-standard broadcast receivers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sensor connectivity needed for both today’s mainstream and tomorrow’s emerging markets. It uses a unique combination of hardware and software to create a flexible architecture with an optimal balance of programmability and fixed hardware blocks, yet occupying equivalent or less silicon area than comparable hard-wired, single-standard hardware solutions.

Ensigma RPUs support all major worldwide TV and radio receiver standards, enabling true global TV and radio solutions. The Ensigma RPU IP core also supports all key connectivity standards, including popular 802.11 Wi-Fi (with MIMO support up to 4x4) and Bluetooth standards, potentially running on the same on-chip RPU concurrently (depending on RPU configuration). This technology is increasingly essential for delivery of both cloud and broadcast content to everywhere, in the home, on your mobile devices and also within the enterprise. Ensigma RPUs solve the problem of disparate broadcast and connectivity standards by supporting them all on a single unified engine. And thanks to its programmability, more standards are being added to its repertoire all the time, both by Imagination and our strategic RPU partners.

The Ensigma NPU solves the problem of high throughput data packet management – a problem that has traditionally been confined to network infrastructure and enterprise equipment, but is now rapidly becoming essential for connected home and small office environments.

The growth of broadband, mobility, cloud, video-on-demand and other networking applications has resulted in a dramatic explosion in network traffic. To support this growth, networking infrastructure equipment, in the home/customer premises, in enterprises and carrier central offices, needed to evolve to deliver even higher performance and intelligence for managing the large amount and diverse types of network traffic.

The Ensigma NPU (Network Processing Unit) IP core family provides a unique balance of programmable and configurable functions, enabling optimum throughput requirements using minimum silicon area – and of course ultra-low power consumption. Ensigma NPU provides the much needed application aware QoS and enhanced security protocols at wire speed performance.

The combination of Ensigma RPU and NPU engines is powering a new generation of consumer connectivity both in the home, enterprise, consumer edge and on the move, and enabling the migration of high performance enterprise class packet processing to migrate towards the edge of the infrastructure and into the local exchange, office and home. And thanks to them being part of the Imagination portfolio of SOC IP, they integrate seamlessly with MIPS processors, PowerVR video processors and more to create future generations of cloud-connected, data rich solutions.

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