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The FlowCloud Platform technology provides a comprehensive and application independent underlying platform that enables rapid construction and management of machine-to-machine and man-to-machine connected services. It is designed to address the needs of the emerging Internet of Things (IoTs) and cloud-connected devices.

At the heart of the FlowCloud Platform there are a set of modular infrastructure capabilities and underlying services that provide a set of building blocks to accelerate deployment of cloud based applications. The infrastructure also provides secure asynchronous messaging and end-to-end connection establishment. The FlowCloud platform can be used to construct solutions for a wide range of application including security, health monitoring, energy management as well as cloud-based systems for content delivery and more.

The FlowCloud Platform is optimised for devices and applications built on Imagination's connected processors and can be used to interoperate with applications running on devices such as phones, tablets and PCs.

The FlowCloud Platform infrastructure services are designed as completely independent entities that can be combined to achieve higher levels of functionality. A set of logging, data storage, international e-wallet payment and messaging services are provided.

Working with third parties and internally is leading to a growing ecosystem addressing underlying capabilities such as payment services as well as ready-made content services such as FlowAudio, which includes music (FlowMusic) and radio (FlowRadio) services, with others such as communication voice and video over IP (VoIP) services and more.

The FlowCloud Platform includes an easily customizable website to configure an embedded device and provide the user with a more comprehensive UI than can be presented on a device with limited capabilities.

State-of-the-art internal or ecosystem partner data centres hos the FlowCloud Platform and supporting services infrastructure, using clustered server technology and in-built redundancy to provide high availability. A failover data centre (with read-only access) provides very low risk of unplanned downtime.

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