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HelloSoft Handoff Technology

Imagination’s HelloSoft Handoff technology supports SRVCC (Single Radio VCC) per VoLTE requirements, DRVCC (Dual Radio VCC) for seamless handoff between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks and IP2IP for seamless handoff between IP networks.

Imagination's HelloSoft VCC (Voice Call Continuity) is 3GPP compliant comprehensive IMS/VCC implementation to enable carrier-grade VoIP and seamless voice handoff to cellular access networks for uninterrupted and consistent voice experience on Wi-Fi, WiMAX, WCDMA, EVDO, HSDPA/HSUPA networks. Widely interoperable with all leading IMS/VCC servers, and widely available on all leading mobile platforms and OS, the solution provides rapid time to market. The highly integrated solution offers seamless call initiation on cellular and WiFi networks with seamless access to contacts and call log. The high quality user experience drives adoption and helps realize significantly improved ROI from next generation multi-mode handset and converged networks investments.

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