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HelloSoft SIP Stack

Imagination’s HelloSoft SIP SDK is a comprehensive SIP stack that enables rapid deployment of a wide range of SIP applications including voice and video over IP, multimedia conferences and Distance learning. It's easy to integrate comprehensive APIs with the rest of the system on a range of wired and wireless devices such as IP phones, mobile phones, gateways, set-top-boxes and PCs makes it the complete. The highly-optimized implementation further provides high flexibility and rapid time- to-market for the widest variety of SIP applications.

Imagination’s SIP SDK is ported on all major HLOS/RTOS and processor cores, extensively interop-tested with all major SIP servers and works with all major IP phones, IP PBXs, proxy servers and gateways.

Some of the key features include -
• STUN/TURN extension to support communication across firewall
• Support for SIP extensions for IM and Presence (SIMPLE)
• Support for real time streaming protocol
• Payload support for wideband codecs
• Full support for security features
• Tel URI support

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