The transformation of the car from a mechanical to and electronic system has lead to increased entertainment, connectivity and information systems, with the typical car now containing 100 processors. The low power, high performance capabilities of Imagination's technologies are a key differentiator in the automotive segment, as it is vital to prevent heat-build-up whilst maintaining performance integrity for reasons of safety and reliability.

MIPS: MIPS CPU and MCU processors address numerous key automotive application areas such as convenience systems and distributed sensors, steering and suspension control, airbag and ABS braking, advanced collision warning systems, engine management and transmission control, multimedia convergence and centralized cockpit control.

PowerVR: PowerVR graphics are a key technology for taking navigation, entertainment and dashboard graphics to the next level in factory fitted, after-market and personal navigation devices. PowerVR video and vision, often combined with PowerVR GPU compute, is a key technology able to capture and process images from cameras in real-time, enabling advanced driver assistance functions such as collision avoidance, lane detection, enhanced night vision and automatic parking.

Ensigma: Ensigma communications and connectivity provide a comprehensive range of broadcast and connectivity standards, combined with the best-in-class radio channel performance, enabling digital radio, in-car entertainment systems and in-car wireless networks, increasingly integrated within vehicle antennas for advanced bi-directional communication.