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One of the holy grails of 3D computer graphics in Media & Entertainment is to work in a software tools environment that is both interactive and photorealistic; looking as close as possible to the final rendered scene. When this is realized, it will enable an artist to quickly flesh out a creative vision and communicate it back to the stakeholders (e.g., studio, director, and vfx vendors) for approval most effectively.


as computers and software have advanced, film and post production houses are relying more on their previsualization (i.e., previz) to look less "sketchy" and closer to the finished shot. Not only does this help to get director and cinematographer approvals, it also allows the previz to be accessible by a wider audience of stakeholders. For example, vfx vendors can use cinema quality previz for their final animations; as a reference guide or perhaps even the start of the final animation.


There is a growing demand for game artists to be able to work in a 3D software tools environment that closely approximates the prescribed look of the target game engine. This enables them to create their content without the tedious and time consuming step of exporting the scene into the game engine in order to view the results. This helps to facilitate the creation of production-ready game levels in much less time.


Getting content to air fast is often the number one priority for broadcast and commercial editors and artists. Therefore, working with a previsualization that is closer to the final spot or promo facilitates faster approval from the director and means that the 3D files can be utilized in the final production.

Imagination Technologies, through its Caustic Professional group, are developing cutting edge "in-viewport" visualization tools for the most popular Media & Entertainment software applications, including Autodesk® 3dsMax® and Autodesk Maya®. Built on the PowerVR Brazil SDK, these tools effectively replace the rasterized viewport with a fully ray traced one, bringing cinema quality graphics that is fully interactive from earliest stages of the content creation process.

Whether you are an artist or 3D graphics application developer, Caustic Professional's solutions enable a software tools environment that is photorealistic without sacrificing real-time interactivity.

Image source: Daniel Rice - Blur Studio

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