Mobile Multimedia

The move towards smartphones is still accelerating in the phone market, absorbing the feature-phone segment to create a mainstream of high performance devices that many estimate will become the dominant part of the billions of phones shipped annually.

Increasingly the motto of the industry is 'Everything, Everywhere'. Mobile solutions must now offer connectivity to bring content from your PC, your TV and your music library onto the device.

Driven on the applications processing side by the advent and growing popularity of the Android™ operating system, the MIPS architecture is an ideal fit for the mobile market. Because of the openness of Android, designers are no longer tied to a specific architecture for mobile applications because of the operating system. They can now choose a processor architecture based on its merits.

Imagination provides high-performance, low-power CPU IP cores that can enable a scalable range of mobile device functions including applications processing, baseband processing, multi-touch controllers, wireless connectivity and more.

Advanced PowerVR-enabled phones are also having a major impact on this market, driving not just the take up of graphical user interfaces, but also other graphical applications, such as games and location-based services, and the 'App stores' to deliver them to end users.

PowerVR graphics IP cores lead the market in 3D graphics acceleration for gaming, user interfaces, personal navigation and multimedia browsing on mobile phones. PowerVR video IP cores support resolutions up to full 1080p HD across all the key standards up to H.264 High Profile, while our Meta processors deliver powerful audio, communications and system control processing.

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