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MIPS developers are at the forefront of innovation in markets ranging from the deeply embedded to high-performance 64bit across a range of RTOS and OS including Android. The initiatives we have to support developers have helped them to succeed and make MIPS the number one processor in a range of home entertainment and networking markets and the processor choice for low power, high-efficiency solutions.

We work hard to make sure that developers are able to create compelling devices, applications and tools.
For more information contact mips@imgtec.com

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MIPS Android

Getting Started with Android and Android Source Code information.

MIPS Linux

MIPS Linux is a port of Linux to the MIPS architecture.

MIPS Developer Tools

Predominately used in conjunction with Android and Linux operating systems.

Developer Resources

How-to guides, code libraries, server technologies and authoring resources.

MIPS Developer Forum

Collaborative forum to post development topics and questions for discussion.


A blog from Imagination's technology development team.

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