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Imagination's MIPS16e® ASE (Application Specific Extension) is an optional extension to both the MIPS32® and MIPS64®architectures.

The MIPS16e ASE enables embedded system designers to reduce costs by decreasing the size of memory required to run their application by up to 40 percent compared to traditional 32-bit software implementations. In addition to providing advanced code density, the MIPS16e ASE also achieves a high level of power efficiency, and performance equivalent to that of 32-bit only implementations. The MIPS16e ASE also improves instruction cache hit rate. It is supported by hardware and software development tools from MIPS Technologies and other providers.

MIPS 16e ASE Summary

  • A compressed instruction set that allows for reduced system costs through smaller code memory size requirements

  • Applications compiled with MIPS16e are 30% smaller on average when compared to MIPS32®

  • Compatibility with MIPS32 and MIPS64® instruction sets

  • Ability to switch between MIPS16e mode and MIPS 32-bit mode

MIPS 16e ASE Features

  • MIPS16e instructions are 16-bits in size

  • 8 of the 32 general purpose registers are accessible in MIPS16e mode; these include the registers commonly used for argument passing and return values

  • 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit data-types are supported when used with MIPS32; when used with MIPS64, 64-bit data-types are added

  • Mode switching between MIPS16e and MIPS32/64 allows for privileged architecture/floating-point/ASE support; software control of this mode switching is accomplished through a special jump instruction

  • The EXTEND instruction allows the 16-bit instructions to efficiently create 16-bit immediate values

  • SAVE/RESTORE instructions increase the code density for stack frame handling

  • PC-relative addressing increases the code density for creating load/store addresses

  • Some instructions use implied register specifiers to increase code density - the stack pointer or program counter for load/stores; a GPR designated for compare results for branches

  • Support exists for application-specific macro instruction sequences

MIPS 16e ASE Specifications

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