Meta Processing

MIPS Platforms

With the decreasing time to market requirements for SoCs, increasing number of SoC gates at denser process nodes and increasing software content of products, platforms are a key capability for system solutions that can quickly be tailored to emerging requirements. Platforms leverage the broad range of third party software used for many of today's solutions by facilitating reuse of software across multiple applications and customers.

High-performance systems, such as residential gateways or consumer electronic systems, have higher bandwidth requirements and more complex system architectures to layer the I/O by bandwidth, security and peripheral functions with a broad range of general purpose I/O and timers.

Microcontroller platforms address a range of applications from single chip solutions for consumer, industrial and medical applications, to larger high-performance MCUs that are networked into the electronic control systems of vehicles or those used in industrial automation. 32-bit microcontroller platforms provide efficient utilization of non-volatile and RAM memory, both on and off chip, while enabling the integration of a broad range of peripherals.

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