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YAMON™ is the PROM monitor used on MIPS Technologies' development boards.

  • The same binary image is used for all boards and CPUs supported by YAMON
  • YAMON detects the specific board and CPU at run-time
  • The binary image contains both little and big-endian code
  • YAMON detects the endianness at run-time and executes the appropriate code
  • The size of SRAM as well as other SDRAM parameters are detected at run-time
  • PCI auto-detection and auto-configuration is performed for boards supporting PCI
  • Applications can be downloaded using serial ports or Ethernet (as supported in hardware)
  • Includes traditional shell commands (load, go, dump, etc.)
  • Shell implements command line history and editing functionality
  • Includes GDB stub allowing remote GDB debug using serial port
  • Includes floating point emulator
  • BIOS-like functionality intended for applications using vector based call interface

YAMON includes boot code as well as traditional monitor functionality used for loading, executing and debugging applications. YAMON source code is highly portable to other MIPS-based platforms. The source code and build environment for YAMON is available from MIPS Technologies.

Latest Downloads

YAMON™ version 02.22
YAMON™ source file 02.22 only

You can find the change descriptions in the YAMON™ Errata Sheet.
YAMON™ Porting Requirements Specification
YAMON™ Reference Manual
YAMON™ User's Manual

Previous Versions

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