Industry leading graphics processors

High performance and low power consumption

PowerVR Graphics

The PowerVR graphics processor (GPU) family leads the market in technological capability, roadmap strength and ecosystem, and is by far the most adopted and shipped technology of its kind

Powering Iconic Products

PowerVR enables a powerful, power efficient and flexible solution for all forms of multimedia processing, including 3D and 2D graphics as well as high performance GPU compute all in the same unified engine. Imagination’s PowerVR graphics technologies are the de facto standard for mobile and embedded graphics.

Imagination’s PowerVR graphics technologies are licensed by world leading companies to power iconic products delivering the best in smartphone, tablet, TV and console apps, including the most advanced user interfaces and highest performance gaming.

PowerVR Series6 GPUs
PowerVR Series6XT GPU, Series6 GPU and Series6XE GPU

PowerVR Series5 GPUs
PowerVR Series5 GPU and Series5XT GPU

Extensive Tools & Support

PowerVR GPU technology is driven by one of the world’s largest engineering teams dedicated to graphics processor development. It is complemented by Imagination’s PowerVR Insider ecosystem, which provides extensive support and tools to an extensive and vibrant community of developers, who have already created hundreds of thousands of apps optimized for PowerVR powered devices.

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PowerVR Developers, PowerVR Tools and PowerVR SDK

Architecture Efficiency

By focusing our whole architectural design around ‘efficiency’, we are guaranteed to always come out ahead of our competition – be it better performance versus power consumption, or, equally important, better performance versus an always limited bandwidth budget.

Tile Based Deferred Rendering continues to be the most advanced and efficient approach to rendering. TBDR ensures the lowest possible bandwidth usage and the lowest amount of processing cycles per frame, and all of this leads to high performance efficiency and the lowest power consumption per frame, outperforming other solutions.

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PowerVR Graphics Architecture