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PVRGeoPOD is a collection of tools that allow users to export their 3D scenes and associated geometry data into the light-weight, optimized PowerVR Object Data (POD) deployment format. The POD format is widely used in mobile development due to its flexibility, the great set of accompanying tools, our free-to-use POD loading resource code and our specification document that simplifies the process of writing custom exporters.

The PVRGeoPOD package includes plug-ins for the most widely used 3D modelling applications (Autodesk 3DS Max Autodesk Maya and Blender), as well as standalone GUI and command-line tools to convert from the Khronos COLLADA interchange format.

Key Features

  • Export 3D scenes to the light-weight POD format
  • Apply geometry sorting during the export to improve vertex cache efficiency
  • Utilize the PVRTools resource loading code to easily add POD support to your applications


  1. PVRGeoPOD User Manual
  2. POD File Format Specification
  3. PVRShaman User Manual
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