PowerVR Insider SDK v3.3

The PowerVR Insider SDK is a cross-platform toolkit designed to support all aspects of 3D graphics application development. It specialises in support for devices that contain PowerVR GPUs and enables users to get the most out of the graphics acceleration hardware available to them.

The SDK is completely free and is distributed under a permissive licence so it can easily be integrated into commercial and non-commercial applications. The SDK licence can be found here. To download the SDK, users must have a valid PowerVR Insider account and have agreed to the terms and conditions of use.

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PowerVR SDK installer

The installer is a light-weight application that provides an easy to use interface for selecting the utilities and SDK components that you would like to download (including target OSs and graphics APIs). Once a selection is made, the installer will download the required packages to your machine.

Download the installer for your preferred OS below

Android SDK Manager Integration

The Android PowerVR Insider SDK is available through the Android SDK Manager as an "Eclipse ready" addon. To download the SDK using this method follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the Android SDK manager
  • Open "Tools --> Manage Add-on Sites"
  • Click the "User Defined Sites" tab
  • Click "New..." and add the following URL:
  • http://cdn.imgtec.com/sdk/androidsdk.xml
  • The PowerVR SDK is now available under the Packages list
Supported Operating Systems OpenGL ES 1.x OpenGL ES 2.0 OpenGL ES 3.0
3.0 or newer
2.3 (Gingerbread) and newer (ARM, X86 & MIPS)
Supports Blackberry 10 and Playbook
(ARMv7 & X86)
Windows PC emulation
XP and newer (X86 & X64)
OS X PC Emulation
10.6 (Snow Leopard) and newer (X86 & X64)
Linux PC Emulation
(X86 & X64)

Learn more about the supported platforms

PowerVR Graphics Utilities

The suite of utilities in the SDK is designed to enable rapid graphics application development. It consists of powerful GUI tools, command-line applications that can be scripted to automate complex tasks, and libraries that can be easily integrated into custom tool chains.

Each utility supports Windows, OS X, and Linux.
The minimum requirements for the utilities package are the following:

  • Windows - XP or newer
  • OS X - An Intel based machine with 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer
  • Linux - X11

Some utilities have additional requirements, such as minimum version of OpenGL required.
For more information, please refer to the webpage of the utility you are interested in.

Asset Optimization

PVRTexTool - Texture Compressor
PVRTexToolA suite of utilities for compressing textures, an important technique that ensures the lowest possible texture memory overhead at application run-time.
PVRGeoPOD - Geometry Exporter
PVRGeoPodA collection of tools that allow users to export their 3D scenes and associated geometry data into the light-weight, optimized PowerVR Object Data (POD) deployment format.


PVRVFrame - PC Emulation
PVRVFrameA collection of emulation libraries that allow OpenGL ES 1.x, 2.0 & 3.0 applications to run on desktop development machines that don’t natively support the OpenGL ES APIs.
PVRShaman - Shader IDE
PVRShamanPVRShaman is a shader composer that loads PowerVR Object Data (POD) files and uses the PowerVR Effects (PFX) format to enable rapid prototyping of shaders for OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 and OpenGL.
PVRShaderEditor - Shader Editor
PVRShaderEditorPVRShaderEditor is a light-weight shader editing that enables users to rapidly develop optimal shaders for PowerVR GPUs. It integrates the SDK’s offline GLSL ES compilers to allow real-time compilation.

Performance Analysis

PVRTune - GPU Performance Analyzer
PVRTunePVRTune is the PowerVR GPU performance analysis tool. It consists of two parts; PVRTune and PVRPerfServer.
PVRMonitor - Android GPU performance analysis tool
PVRMonitorPVRMonitor is a light-weight Android GPU performance analysis tool. It renders a bar graph overlay of CPU & GPU load statistics.
PVRScope - Performance Analysis Library
PVRScopePVRScope is a library with a very simple API that can be incorporated into applications to directly retrieve the same PowerVR GPU hardware counters that are used in PVRTune.
PVRTrace - Graphics API Tracer
PVRTracePVRTrace allows developers to capture and analyse the OpenGL ES and EGL API calls made by an application, allowing them to view and analyse the data without having to sift through source code.
GLSL Compiler -  Profile & Verification Compiler
GLSL CompilerThe GLSL compilers included in the PowerVR Insider SDK are command-line applications that provide compilation output and performance simulation information.

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