PowerVR Video & Display

PowerVR VXE Video Encoder

PowerVR™ VXE Video Encoder IP cores are multi-standard SD and HD video encoders. The cores encode video from YUV image data, producing a compliant bit stream at the elementary stream or NAL unit level; generate stream headers; and perform algorithmic functions such as entropy encoding, scan, transform, motion estimation and compensation, and deblocking.

The cores have been tested with a wide range of source image data to ensure high compression ratios without reduced visual quality, providing the industry’s highest quality encoder, requiring up to 50% less bits to achieve the same quality as competing solutions.

The multistream capability of the cores, and support of the H.264 MVC standard (as used by Blu-ray 3D) make the VXE family ideal for stereoscopic applications. The ability to encode in MPEG-2 makes the encoder ideal for DLNA applications.

The cores are ideally suited to mobile phone, digital cameras, digital camcorders and personal navigation devices for the recording of video clips, video conferencing and video surveillance.

  • Programmable stream manager for header generation and flexible rate control
  • Advanced, highly efficient motion search algorithm
  • Dedicated hardware encoding
  • Scalable architecture
  • B-Frames
  • Flexible rate control:
    - CBR
    - VBR
    - Const Qp
    - Low delay
  • Automatic hardware power management
  • Wide range of video standards supported
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality compression
  • Low host-CPU processing requirement
  • Scalable architecture
  • Silicon efficient area
  • 1080p, high frame rate support
  • H.264 MVC for Stereoscopic S3D

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