PowerVR Graphics

PowerVR™ Series5XT IP Core

The PowerVR™ SGX Series5XT Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) IP core family is a series of highly efficient graphics acceleration IP cores that meet the multimedia requirements of consumer, communications and computing applications.

PowerVR SGX Series5XT architecture is fully scalable for a wide range of area and performance requirements, enabling it to target markets from low cost feature-rich mobile multimedia products to very high performance consoles and computing devices.

The family incorporates the second-generation Universal Scalable Shader Engine (USSE2™), with a feature set that exceeds the requirements of OpenGL 2.0 and Microsoft Shader Model 3, enabling 2D, 3D and general purpose (GP-GPU) processing in a single core.

  • Most comprehensive IP core family and roadmap in the industry
  • USSE2 delivers twice the peak floating point and instruction throughput of Series5 USSE
  • YUV and colour space accelerators for improved performance
  • Upgraded PowerVR Series5XT shader-driven tile-based deferred rendering (TBDR) architecture
  • Multi-processor options enable scalability to higher performance
  • Support for all industry standard mobile and desktop graphics APIs and Operating Sytems
  • Fully backwards compatible with PowerVR MBX and SGX Series5
  • Extensive product line supports all area/performance requirements
  • Low risk solution for all embedded graphics applications
  • Shader-based architecture enables near photo realistic image quality
  • Fully compliant proven implementations of all APIs
  • Lowest power consumption and silicon footprint
  • Low host CPU and memory system bandwidth load

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