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PowerVR™ Visual IP Cores

The PowerVR™ visual IP core family includes multimedia IP for graphics, video and display functions. The exceptionally high performance and low power requirements of these IP cores, plus the ability to configure them for so many price/performance points has enabled us to target a wide range of devices from mobile phones and other battery powered devices up to digital TVs and set-top boxes.
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Ensigma™ Communications IP Cores

The Ensigma™ Universal Communications Core (UCC) IP core is a software-defined scalable, programmable, multi-standard, flexible coprocessor IP core for broadcast and wireless applications.

Ensigma UCC cores are ideally suited to digital radio, mobile TV, global digital TV and analogue TV, and other wireless and mobile communication systems. Ensigma UCC based solutions already dominate in markets such as DAB digital radio.
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MIPS Processor

The industry-standard MIPS® architecture was created in the early 1980s as a 32-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computer) architecture focused on providing top performance in efficient implementations.


Can make a single processor core appear and function like multiple separate cores for improved performance and efficiency.
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SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data)

Improves performance by allowing efficient parallel processing of vector operations.
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Provides enhanced security features and support for multiple operating systems.
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DSP Technology

DVDs, digital cameras, residential gateways and VoIP phones are examples of the growing list of consumer products that require an increasing amount of signal and media processing horsepower.
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HelloSoft SDKs

Imagination’s portfolio of HelloSoft SDKs provide complete carrier-grade Video and Voice over IP (V.VoIP) capabilities over any IP or LTE network. The HelloSoft WLC (White Label Client) utilises HelloSoft SDKs to provide a comprehensive ready-to-deploy client solution, with SDK features providing interfaces to all the basic and enterprise call features. Included in all SDKs and WLCs are example applications and detailed API documentation to help customers quickly integrate onto their target platform. All HelloSoft SDKs are available for iPhone, Android and PC platforms.
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