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Imagination Visualizer

Imagination Visualizer is changing how interactive cinema-quality 3D graphics are produced, used, and enjoyed. Visualizer products are used by artists, designers, and developers within the 3D professional graphics market for interactive photorealistic visualization and final-frame rendering.

Visualizer is developing cutting edge "in-viewport" visualization tools for the most popular Media & Entertainment and Design software applications, including  Autodesk Maya®. In addition, Neon™ 1.0 for Rhinoceros® 5.0, is being developed in collaboration with McNeel & Associates. These tools effectively replace the rasterized viewport with a fully ray traced one, bringing cinema quality graphics that is fully interactive from earliest stages of the content creation process.

Whether you are an artist, designer or 3D graphics application developer, Visualizer solutions enable visualization that is photorealistic without sacrificing real-time interactivity.

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Image source: Utah Teapot - religious item by Marcin Gruszczyk.

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