4G World: the wonders of mobile broadband technology

Despite the harsh weather conditions caused by Hurricane Sandy, the 4G World Conference has successfully drawn to a close, with exciting announcements and gripping key notes from industry leaders like 4G Americas, Aepona, AT&T Labs, Clearwire and even the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Some of the themes from this year’s event revolved around how the LTE landscape has changed in the past few years. If 4G adoption was seen as a slow and costly process some time ago, companies are now looking at a much bigger picture, where the speedy standard is deployed in a range of products, mobile or not. Broadband growth will tie-in with the Internet of Things as a variety of consumer electronics products will become connected. Therefore designing applications for the new standard means future-proofing the developer ecosystem against the inevitable demise of the already over-burdened 2G networks.

4G World: Imagination's booth

Imagination’s lively booth at 4G World 2012*

Video was also a much-discussed topic. Around forty per cent of Internet traffic is video, which means mobile devices will eat away tens of exabytes a month within the next three years (1 exabyte = 1,000,000,000 gigabytes = 1,000,000 terabytes). Having the infrastructure to support this upcoming traffic increase is becoming a top priority. According to ByteMobile, tablets consume three times more data than smartphones.

Kris Rinne, SVP of Network Technology at AT&T Labs, delivers one of the Tuesday afternoon keynotes at 4G World in Chicago

Therefore, the continued trend to have 4G-capable devices with bigger screens and longer battery life compared to a regular smartphone means the newly released, LTE enabled iPad mini and 4th generation iPad will eat away even more data leaving operators with less and less options to expand their spectrum. Some have resorted to sharing each other’s radio frequencies, like the EE joint-venture of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK but the topic still remains controversial. Other operators are making the most of their existing networks, trying to come up with ways of reusing available resources and relying on the Wi-Fi infrastructure to compensate for areas where the signal is spotty or coverage cannot be ensured.

4G World: Imagination's booth

Dr. Phil Marshall, Chief Research Officer, Tolaga Research together withNeal Leavitt from Leavitt Communications and Mike Hopkins and Allan Johnson from Imagination

But perhaps the biggest news came from Coolpad Americas and Imagination Technologies. We’ve been working extensively with the leading next generation smartphone manufacturer on VoLTE interoperability testing (IOT) for their upcoming Quattro 4G series of smartphones and the 4G World conference was the perfect place to announce that all tests have passed successfully and standard compliance is not complete.

4G World : Imagination Technologies and Coolpad Americas

Imagination Technologies and Coolpad Americas

These handsets include our high performance HelloSoft VoLTE client which offers 4G integrated services and technologies such as HelloSoft VoIP, Voice Call Continuity (VCC), and VoLTE technology featuring AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and NC (Noise Cancellation) to produce superior voice quality on all 4G mobile devices.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Coolpad is a part of Yulong Telecommunications, which is China’s no. three smartphone maker. Specifications for the Coolpad Quattro 4G include a 4-inch display, a powerful TI OMAP SoC which integrates a PowerVR GPU, 3.2-megapixel rear camera, a front-facing camera, and 4G LTE support. The handset also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a 1,600mAh battery.

4G World: Coolpad Quattro 4G

Coolpad Quattro 4G**

This is yet another important milestone for our HelloSoft IP ‘carrier-grade’ cross-platform solutions, already deployed in millions of devices. The years of engineering experience spent designing this exciting range of products means that they are ready for the most extensive 3G, 4G and enterprise network deployments on a wide array of operating systems, including Android, iPhone, Windows and Linux environments.

4G World: HelloSoft VoLTE and VCC SDK

HelloSoft’s VoLTE and VCC SDK

We look forward to more announcements like these in the future as both carriers and handset manufactures realize the importance of ensuring a consistent, reliable and rich user experience across all consumer products, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs or other multimedia devices.

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* Image courtesy of 4G World’s Flickr account, all rights reserved

** Image courtesy of Coolpad Americas, all rights reserved

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