Over 1 billion units shipped by Imagination's partners

Over 1 billion units shipped by Imagination’s partners

Two years to this day, Imagination was proud to announce its partners had shipped over 400 million units incorporating PowerVR graphics and video IP, as well as Ensigma Radio Processing Units, Meta general-purpose processors and other multimedia IP.

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Mobile and embedded multimedia market momentum continues says ImaginationOver 400m devices shipped with Imagination IP to date; total annual market to exceed 3 billion per annum within five years Announcing tod…
An important factor in mass market smartphone and tablet adoption, our PowerVR graphics technologies have been the building block for the latest generationof mobile SoCs.
PowerVR graphics driving mass market smartphone graphics adoptionImagination partners delivering solutions for ubiquitous mobile from entry level to the world’s most advanced GPU powered mobile platform…
At Siggraph this year, we’ve also released a study that was showing the new OpenGL ES 3.0 API from Khronos being the main factor behind graphics parity between mobiles, desktops and games consoles, leading to shipments of total OpenGL ES enabled GPUs to reach 1 billion units per year by 2014.
Shipments of total OpenGL ES enabled GPUs to hit 1 billion units per year by 2014, says ImaginationNew OpenGL ES 3.0 API will drive the next step towards graphics parity between mobiles, desktops and games consoles SIGGRAPH, Los Angeles…
Today, we’ve published a report stating our partners have shipped over 1 billion units integrating our IP, an important milestone for a British company that started in 1985 with just a handful of engineers united by their passion for computer graphics.
We were also pleased to reveal we’ve shipped over 500 million units of our video decode and encode IP core families, making Imagination the world’s largest supplier of licensable hardware video decode and encode technologies. The PowerVR video cores are the industry leader in low power, including the ability to decode H.264HP 1080P30 video in under 15mw (40LP).
Over 1 billion units shipped by Imagination partnersSays Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination: "Each of our core technologies is built on smart technology innovations. These include the tile-b…
This explosive growth of the mobile market means SoC development is now being driven by GPU design and integration, as the graphics processor has become the main heavy-lifter in all computing platforms, being capable of tens to hundreds of GFLOPS, with future mobile systems soon reaching the TFLOPS range.
Imagination highlights how GPUs are driving silicon performance and SoC innovationImagination’s engineers to present paper on GPU Optimisation Techniques at TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform Forum San Jose: Imagination Te…
It’s been a wild ride, with each PowerVR GPU setting a new benchmark in performance and power efficiency. We’ve made sure that our roadmap continues to be aligned with our partners’ expectations and current industry trends while also working close with leading organizations like the Khoronos Group or the HSA Foundation to offer the right balance of features at various performance points.
A brief history of PowerVR Series5XTA brief history of the PowerVR Series5XT GPU family // November 5th, 2012 // News, PowerVR With the new wave of PowerVR-enabled devices r…
For example, the PowerVR Series6 ‘Rogue’ architecture is able to offer amazing computing horsepower, making it the perfect choice for handling complex user-interfaces and ultra-realistic gaming as well as applications like image processing, augmented and virtual reality and physics simulations.
PowerVR G6230 and G6430: family values gone Rogue // July 9th, 2012 // PowerVR We’re expanding our PowerVR Series6 IP family with two new…
But it’s not just about graphics hardware, as the next wave of connected devices will require more than just efficient silicon integration to start shipping in mass volume. Imagination has designed its Flow Cloud and connectivity platform to offer a turn-key solution for highly integrated communications and cloud technologies, helping our partners deploy applications for the growing Internet of Things market.
Embedded Processors for ‘The Internet of Things’ must have highly integrated connectivity and supporting Cloud, portal technologies, says ImaginationMetaFlow connected processor IP platforms combine CPU, Wi-Fi, Cloud & portal technologies to enable a richer connected world, sooner Desi…
We’re now back at work, helping our partners design state of the art technology for consumers world wide!
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Imagination PR Team’s social storiesFor over a decade Imagination Technologies has been enabling technology in phones, laptops and personal media players; in offices, homes …
Over 1 billion units shipped by Imagination partners https://www.imgtec.com/News/Release/index.asp?NewsID=702 #milestone #hardwareImagination PR Team

Imagination’s customers have shipped over 1 billion SoCs shipped [poster]

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