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Chris has held various roles in the electronics industry, staying closely focused on video and display throughout, working for companies such as Leitch (Harris), C-Cube/LSI Logic, and ATI (AMD/Broadcom). Chris joined Imagination in 2007 and is responsible for the planning and promotion of the company's PowerVR Video and Vision technologies.

Having recently returned from another exciting Embedded Vision Summit show we’d like to share our thoughts in a blog post. This year’s event once again impressed, with compelling conversations and discussions about vision and surrounding technologies setting the event apart from other less focused conferences. After the show we came away with the feeling that machine learning was surely at … Continued

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The Imagination PowerVR team are busily preparing for the Embedded Vision Summit 2017 (EVS), taking place from 1-3 May in Santa Clara. EVS is a great industry event for all those involved with vision and surrounding technologies. From the IP creators like Imagination, through the semiconductor companies, algorithm developers and equipment OEMs; everyone who has an interest in computer vision is likely to … Continued

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Some industry analysts and journalists are approaching 360 video with skepticism, fearing another 3D TV moment. Here are seven reasons why we think 360 video is here to stay: 1.      (User generated) content is king Adoption of new video technologies is often driven by user generated content.  Only Panasonic and Fuji made any real attempt to create cameras to easily … Continued

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