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Christian is an Android driver developer working on the low level graphics code for the PowerVR Rogue hardware architecture. When not hunting synchronization bugs he tries to improve the Android software stack or gives PowerVR customers a helping hand. Recently he started looking into VR related topics and enjoys this excursion a lot.

In my blog post about single buffered strip rendering I talked about reducing latency by shortening the graphic pipeline length. In the second post I described one way of speeding up the barrel distortion render by moving the distortion transformation out of the fragment shader. Both methods increase the throughput and therefore help in reducing the latency for the VR … Continued

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VR requires the support of many components in modern phones. This starts with the sensor for recording the motion of the head, the CPU driving the VR application (and everything else in the background), the GPU doing the work for the VR application and the calculations for creating the VR corrected image, to the display showing the transformed content to … Continued

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