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Robin has been with Imagination since 2011 and is a Leading Applications Engineer in the PowerVR Graphics demo team. His job involves working with the latest in graphics technologies to produce demos that show PowerVR GPUs in the best light possible.

This week at the Embedded Vision Summit in California we are showcasing our latest Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) object recognition demo. Since launching the original demo at last year’s EVS, the demo has been expanded to include multiple network models and is now implemented using Imagination’s own graph compilation library – IMG DNN. What are CNNs? Before continuing, a quick … Continued

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The PowerVR architecture is quick to support the latest technologies, and the Vulkan API is a case in point. Vulkan is a modern API that enables developers to gain ‘low-level’ access to underlying graphics hardware, ensuring that the performance of that hardware can be maximised. Any apps displaying large volumes of data such as navigation apps are a great use … Continued

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