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I'm an Engineering Manager at Imagination, working primarily on competitive and performance analysis of graphics technology. My job is figure out how fast and efficient everything is and understand exactly why, so we're as competitive as possible.

I’m fond of telling the story about why I joined Imagination. It goes along the lines of: despite offers to go work on graphics in much sunnier climes, I took the job working on PowerVR Graphics here in distinctly un-sunny Britain because I was really interested in how Tile-Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR) could work in practice. My graphics career to-date … Continued

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Marketing of modern graphics processors involves comparing many low level performance metrics. For example, our PowerVR GPUs are commonly compared based on GFLOPS (a measure of computing throughput), triangles per second (a measure of geometry throughput), pixels per second and texels per second (measures of fill rate). In addition to these more traditional metrics it has become common place for … Continued

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It’s common to think of Imagination Technologies and companies like us that are in the business of selling world-class semiconductor IP that powers some of the most exciting consumer electronics and interactive systems on the planet as hardware companies. Our products are most easily discussed in the context of silicon, and in terms of flops, milli-watts and square millimetres. It’s … Continued

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