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Tobias has been with Imagination since 2010, and after a stint in our PowerVR Graphics Developer Technology team, he’s now focused on developing graphics APIs and extensions in order to connect developers to silicon and push every last ounce of performance out of our PowerVR GPUs. Tobias has been a key part of our Vulkan development team, regularly attending Khronos conferences and helping ensure that Vulkan will be the best Graphics API available. He can often be spotted at conferences like GDC and SIGGRAPH, in order to learn about the latest and greatest techniques to work out how we might enable them.

Welcome to the last blog post in the series! You might notice that it’s a bit late – this has been sitting mostly complete on my account for months, but with the Vulkan release taking up a lot of my time, I’m afraid it got neglected! Well, finally we’ll be looking at why Vulkan is a better fit to hardware than previous generation APIs, and I’ll be … Continued

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We’re halfway through our series of blog posts on Vulkan – hopefully you’ve checked out the other blog posts, or tuned into the webinars, and are following so far! This post I’ll be discussing the importance of scaling to multiple threads, and how Vulkan helps achieve that. CPU bottlenecks – redux Modern CPUs have multiple cores, for a variety of great reasons which I won’t discuss here. … Continued

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