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Will has been playing with computers since 1967. After completing an Honors Computer Science degree at York University in 1974, he was a multi-discipline Masters candidate combining Fine Arts, Computer Science and Philosophy. The mandate was to create a computer graphics piano that could be used in live concert performances. In 1976 Will had one of the world's first exhibitions of computer graphic art, at a Toronto Canada art gallery. In 1982 Will was hired as the first employee of Alias Research the creator of Maya. Since then, Will has worked on 14 feature films (such as "Phantom Menace") and several award-winning commercials. Will now works for Imagination Technologies in the PowerVR ray tracing division as a senior software engineer. His goal is to continue to push the envelope of computer-generated imagery particularly related to computer vision and augmented reality.

360° VR panorama videos have been trending on YouTube since the viewing feature was introduced in 2015. Even without a VR headset they offer a uniquely immersive experience. What I’m referring to are mostly live action movies shot with a growing list of 360° video capable cameras. These panoramas are actually two 360×180 equirectangular 2D images stitched together and projected … Continued

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The focus of this posting is to show Unity artists how easy it can be to add true reflections and shadows to their content using our hybrid rendering techniques. The PowerVR OverDrive game runs live, rendering with a PowerVR ray tracing GPU installed in a Linux-powered computer. Using an Xbox 360 controller, you drive around in a monster truck, smash … Continued

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This posting will provide a step by step tutorial on how to set up Linear Light Workflow (LLW) for the Caustic Visualizer renderer using Autodesk Maya’s Color Management. The Caustic Visualizer viewport also supports Maya’s Color Management tools. Note that this tutorial is applicable to mental ray and you should be aware that the Maya software renderer does not support … Continued

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