If you recently found yourself driving alongside Route 101 in Santa Clara, USA, you’d have noticed a billboard on the side of the road proudly declaring MIPS is back. With attitude.

MIPS is back with attitude

What’s going on? Why so bold a statement, at the heart of the US tech industry?

MIPS momentum

In an interview published by Ars Technica, Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie had this to say about MIPS:

I am so confident that the future will be better for the industry and the future will be better for MIPS. MIPS is back, with a huge investment. Two years ago it was a hope and a dream; today I see it as a certainty.

Here is a short list of quick facts on how the MIPS business has progressed in the last year:

  • MIPS has just had its two best ever consecutive quarters for volume shipments
  • We have delivered our latest-generation MIPS Warrior CPUs to multiple customers, some recent public ones include ADAS leader Mobileye and IoT sensor specialists Standing Egg
  • We have launched MIPSfpga, an excellent teaching platform for universities that ensures the next generation of engineers are MIPS experts
  • We are the true alternative for companies looking to achieve differentiation in the CPU space; MIPS CPUs offer unique features like virtualization and security across the range, hardware multithreading for data-intensive applications, the most mature 32-/64-bit architecture in the industry – and many more!

So that is why we’re telling the world MIPS is back with attitude. We’re delivering far more than another 32-/64-bit mainstream CPU: we’re offering MIPS in a whole new way complemented by the finest range of SoC IP in the industry.

Imagination Summit 2015 and Executive Reception

Two weeks from now I’ll be boarding an airplane to Silicon Valley to join our Imagination Summit 2015 event and our third invitation-only Executive Reception held in the US; there will be a lot happening there, from guest speakers like Facebook, Synopsys, Texas Instruments and TSMC to a range of presentations split in three separate tracks (Applications, Silicon and Solutions).

Take a look at the agenda for this event, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it addresses many important topics for what is a very exciting time for the industry. There is a lot of change happening in the semiconductor market – and the next year is shaping up to be exciting as the new wave of IoT devices gathers momentum.

Imagination Summit 2015 securing the future

To address these new opportunities and challenges, we have been working hard to create a strong foundation that goes beyond simple point solutions. Imagination is now collaborating with leading partners to assemble a line-up of open, customizable and heterogeneous IP platforms that offer differentiating solutions for a wide range of markets.

Guests visiting us at our Imagination Summit will learn more about our scalable, pre-verified IP platforms and our strategy for true heterogeneous integration.

Another big focus at this Imagination Summit will be security; I’ll deliver a keynote focusing on next-generation security requirements and how we plan to address them in an innovative way. Other related talks include:

  • Networking: Enabling the Multi-Domain Security Revolution – Majid Bemanian, director of strategic marketing for networking and storage
  • Open Standards with Open Security: the New Frontier! – Art Swift, president of the prpl Foundation
  • Connected Processors and FlowCloud IP: Integrating and Securing end-to-end IoT – Kevin McDermott, director of strategic marketing for IoT

There is an amazing line-up of people to meet if you’re lucky enough to be invited at the Executive Reception. And I’m sure those attending the Summit will find it an informative, stimulating and rewarding day. We’ll all be talking about IP with attitude.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

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