Come and see Imagination at CES 2013

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If you share Imagination’s passion for the technologies powering the future of consumer electronics, come see us at CES in Las Vegas, USA, from 8-11 January 2013 to find out more about what we do. We look forward to meeting all our technology partners, current and future customers, press, analysts and other participants to explain why we believe Imagination is the leader for smarter technologies.

With over a billion devices already shipped using our technologies, Imagination is known world-wide as a leading supplier of the most innovative and comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor IP in the industry. Imagination has IP solutions that will make your next SoC an industry leader.

Come see Imagination at CES 2013

We target an ever-broadening range of markets including mobile phones and tablets, handheld multimedia, home consumer, TV, radio and STB, mobile computing and automotive as well as emerging markets such as healthcare, smart power and IoT/M2M.

An unrivalled IP portfolio

We believe the breadth of our IP enables us to offer all the key functions you need to build your next SoC, whatever your silicon or power budgets. All of our IP cores are highly optimized for ultra-low power operation, and highest performance and efficiency per mm2. And our software drivers, middleware and tools are designed to get you and your partners to market, with the lowest risk, in the shortest possible time.

PowerVR GPUs – leadership in today’s mobile GPUs and next generation graphics

We are the mobile and embedded leaders in graphics. Our PowerVR Series6 GPUs offer full OpenGL ES 3.0 and DirectX 3D graphics features and performance, giving our current and future partners the best roadmap for graphics and GPU compute while our Series5/5XT graphics are in today’s most iconic devices.

PowerVR VPUs and display IP – decode and encode solutions for 4K and beyond

With the recent launch of our next generation Series4 video cores, the PowerVR D4500MP decoder and PowerVR E4500MP encoder, we have brought a series of exciting new features designed to preserve colour fidelity from source to display and provide the performance required for ultra-high definition video applications. Building on the strength of the highly acclaimed PowerVR Series3 IP core families, these multi-pipe video IPs will usher in a new era of colour quality and fidelity by offering a hardware coding engine capable of supporting full 4:4:4 resolution up to 10 bits of precision for 4K ultra-HD resolutions and beyond.

Ensigma RPUs – worldwide digital TV demodulation and wireless support

Ensigma Radio Processing Units (RPU) implement all of the connectivity and broadcast reception requirements of tomorrow’s complex SoCs. With more than thirty different deployable standards available for Ensigma RPUs today (including wireless 802.11 a/b/g/ac and Bluetooth v4.0), they are the world’s most comprehensive baseband solution for integration into SoCs and advanced chipsets.

Meta CPUs – low power technologies using multi-threading

Meta is Imagination’s synthesizable applications processor based on a common instruction-set architecture (ISA) for the entire family (HTP, MTP and LTP) that delivers high performance via multithreading combined with low power consumption and reduced system cost. It is a unique embedded CPU solution with both DSP and RISC capabilities, with a wider range of applications from low power audio encoding and decoding to low-cost network processing.

Flow connectivity – a device to server platform for the Internet of Things

Flow is a fully customizable internet radio and content portal that offers a wide range of services for internet connected products built on Imagination’s connected processors. Flow offers a set of APIs enabling the connected processors to access a wide range of functionality, plus an easily customizable web portal to serve content to the embedded device and provide the user with a fuller UI than can be presented on a connected device.

HelloSoft V.VoIP and VoLTE – carrier grade, multi-platform software IP

Imagination’s HelloSoft V.VolP technology is a portfolio of highly-portable software for wireless and wireline devices. The highly optimized client offers superior voice and video quality, efficient call switching and enables mass deployment of low-cost, power-efficient, fully-featured multi-mode wireless and wireline devices for next generation end-points.

Caustic Professional – hardware accelerated ray tracing for content creation workflows

We will be showcasing the new R2x00 PC boards for interactive ray tracing in Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max. The Caustic R2500 OpenRL PC board, including a copy of one Caustic Visualizer, will be priced at US$1495, targeting the latest high-end workstations. The Caustic R2100 board, including a copy of one Caustic Visualizer, will be priced at an aggressive US$795, intended for upgrading a wider range of mid-range and higher workstations. You can pre-order now at our Caustic online store.

Smarphones Caustic Pro r2500 r2100PowerVR and Meta Insider – developer ecosystems and SDKs for mobile, rich applications

The PowerVR graphics ecosystem currently counts more than 35,000 members and is growing fast. Our developers are at the forefront of innovation as our PowerVR GPUs enable them to create some of the best mobile applications available across the most popular app stores today. The newly launched Meta Insider programme is an embedded processor ecosystem for developers who are considering writing applications for the Internet of Things.

Where is Imagination’s booth at CES 2013?

We are demonstrating in our own large private rooms in the South Hall 4, Upper Level (Booth S215-S216) at the LVCC.

CES 2013 floor plan

CES 2013 floor plan

To book an appointment at the show or for more information, e-mail Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@ImaginationTech) and subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we will be broadcasting live from the event as well as stop by our partner’s booths for exclusive interviews and exciting details on upcoming releases.

Alex Voica

Alex Voica

Before deciding to pursue his dream of working in technology marketing, Alexandru held various engineering roles at leading semiconductor companies in Europe. His background also includes research in computer graphics and VR at the School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna in Pisa. You can follow him on Twitter @alexvoica.

2 thoughts on “Come and see Imagination at CES 2013”

  1. I hope that you guys follow up your [frankly] outstanding blogging efforts, with some great videos showcasing the Imgtec booth with commentary from staff. I will not be able to make it to CES 2013, but am supremely interested in soaking up any additional information about the Series 6 GPU, the Meta CPU, and Caustic hardware. I am very excited!

    • Thanks Sean, we’ll make sure our blog readers will get the full lowdown on all things Imagination happening at CES, including announcements and demos from our partners, brand new devices with PowerVR graphics as well as short clips of our other technologies, including the Caustic ray tracing PC boards or the Meta CPU and Flow platform for the Internet of Things.
      Best regards,


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