Creating new opportunities for Imagination in Taiwan

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This year our Imagination Summits in Hsinchu and Taipei saw a record number of registered attendees. In fact, attendance has more than doubled since Imagination held the first Hsinchu Summit in 2012, demonstrating the momentum Imagination is successfully creating in the region.

The Imagination Summits are day-long events featuring visionary keynotes, technical deep dives and interactive sessions with experts from Imagination and its partners. This year’s Summits in Taiwan featured keynotes from MediaTek, the prpl Foundation, Realtek and TSMC, as well as presentations and demonstrations from Imagination and partners including M31 Technology, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys. We were also very excited to have Synopsys, Mentor Graphics and TSMC join us as the main sponsors for the event.

2015 Imagination Summit - Taiwan (4)

Part of our global Imagination Summit series, the Taiwan Summits are increasingly major events for us. The electronics landscape in Taiwan is vibrant and growing, with companies innovating around energy-efficient products, advanced IoT devices, automotive ADAS and infotainment and much more. Taiwan is also one of the world’s major hubs for manufacturing, so we’re delighted to see a growing number of people joining our Summits from OEMs and ODMs.

We’re seeing strong momentum in Taiwan for our IP, with ongoing and new engagements across PowerVR multimedia, MIPS CPUs and Ensigma connectivity, as well as growing interest in our OmniShield multi-domain heterogeneous security technologies. There’s a lot of innovation here in Taiwan, and we’re delighted to be working with our growing community of partners here to make it happen.

2015 Imagination Summit - Taiwan (2)

During my keynote, I highlighted various ways in which companies can use our IP to achieve higher levels of integration and next-generation hardware-enforced multi-domain security. I also focused on how we work closely with our partners and help them best leverage their own internal IP and know-how to maximize success.

My colleagues also spoke about security and platforms for SoCs powering the smart home, consumer and industrial IoT trends, and the innovation that is happening in the automotive space. A very interesting presentation included an overview of how our customers can use MIPS CPUs to scale in multi-threaded, multi-core, and multi-cluster processing applications for a wide array of products.

Our next summits on the agenda are happening in November in Shanghai and Beijing. I cannot wait to meet the business leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in China!

Until then, follow me (@tkingsmith58) and Imagination (@ImaginationTech, @ImaginationTech) for the latest news and announcements.

Tony King-Smith

Tony King-Smith

Tony joined Imagination Technologies in 2006 and is the company's EVP of Marketing, responsible for all segment and technology marketing, communications, OEM relationships and ecosystems. He has extensive experience in product and segment marketing including many blue chip corporate relationships. Prior to Imagination, Tony held senior engineering and marketing positions with Panasonic, Hitachi (now Renesas), LSI Logic and INMOS.

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