The Creator Ci20 microcomputer made quite a splash at its original launch in December, impressing reviewers with good specifications and an affordable price tag. The development board has been widely popular with the maker community, being already used in several home automation and IoT projects.

Creator Ci20 was also recently featured in a CES 2015 article from The Tech Report – the editors were amazed to see it running the Quake 3 game engine at 1080p while sipping less than 2.5 watts of power.

The wait is over: Creator Ci20 is finally here

Today we are announcing that Creator Ci20 is now shipping to developers from Europe and North America (full list of countries here) who’ve pre-ordered the microcomputer since launch.

For those unfamiliar with the development board, Creator Ci20 sports an Ingenic JZ4780 application processor which packs a dual-core 1.2 GHz MIPS-based CPU, a PowerVR SGX540 GPU and a H.264-capable video decoder. Storage specs include 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of flash (we’ve added 4 GB more for all your multimedia needs) and an SD card slot for additional memory.

Connectivity options consist of Fast Ethernet, Wi-Fi b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.0. A full-size HDMI port allows you to hook up a 1080p screen, while Debian 7 keeps things running on the software side; users can also install other versions of Linux or Android 4.4 KitKat.

Unboxing and quick hands-on

We recently received some samples in our office last week and the first thing we did was to take out our cameras and snap some photos; several pictures of the final retail package can be found below.

Creator CI20 (purple)We’ve made Creator Ci20 purple!

The box contains a (very purple) Creator Ci20 development board, a power cable and a basic user manual containing a summary of the spec sheet.

Creator CI20 - board and package (3) The complete retail package, including the microcomputer and the power cable

I’ve also compiled a short hands-on review of the board, covering gaming, web browsing and a few other multimedia apps under Linux and Android; you can find the videos here and here.

Get your Creator Ci20 now for $65/£50

For more information on how to purchase Creator Ci20 , head over to our international store or follow to visit our dedicated product page.

Creator Ci20 is the ideal board for developers looking for that perfect mix of good performance at ultra-low power (and a reasonable price tag of $65/£50). If you’ve already received your Creator Ci20 development board, share your unboxing videos or photos on Twitter using the #CreatorCi20 hashtag.

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