An important aspect for all mobile devices – and wearables especially – is keeping personal data secure. There have been several articles published on this topic, from Forbes and The Guardian to Symantec.

Designing secure and scalable software for wearables is equally important to ensuring the hardware elements are efficiently working together. This is because the data that these devices generate can be extremely valuable to hackers, since most of it will be stored in a cloud-based infrastructure.

Security in the software ecosystem

This is why we’ve designed our FlowCloud technology to securely connect all devices to the internet, enabling easy product registration and updates. FlowCloud is based on a scalable and flexible software architecture, which safely stores, processes and interprets the flow of data coming from wearables and other connected devices.

FlowCloud offers a comprehensive and application-independent platform for rapid construction and management of machine-to-machine (M2M) and man-to-machine connected services. It is designed to address the needs of the emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud-connected devices such as wearables, smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics products.

05-FlowCloud-wearable_softwareFlowCloud offers the functionality needed to connect wearables to the cloud

You can read more about FlowCloud in this overview article from my colleague Simon Forrest and find out how it can be used in a variety of applications here[1], here[2], and here[3].

Final words

The wearable computing market is set to be one of the main drivers for growth in the next decade. We are very excited to see our partners creating new technologies for the next generation of consumer products.

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This article is part of an on-going series that focuses on what Imagination is doing to ensure our partners are able to create the next wave of chipsets for every category of wearable devices.

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