If you are visiting GDC 2011 next week why not come along and learn from the experts in mobile graphics? Attend our session on the 28th or please contact  tradeshows@imgtec.com if you’d like to arrange a one to one meeting with our development engineers or company representatives at the show.
Or if you can’t make that, please join us for our annual party on the 1st.
Full details of both below.

Imagination hosts a special session at GDC 2012

Understanding PowerVR SGX Graphics Technology and Optimizing for Great Graphics Performance (Presented by Imagination Technologies)

Speaker/s: Joe Davis (Imagination Technologies) and Gordon MacLachlan (Imagination Technologies)

Day / Time / Location: Monday 28th February 4:15- 5:15 pm Room 120, North Hall

Imagination’s PowerVR SGX and SGX MP graphics IP is a crucial part of today’s consumer electronics market, integrated into a wide variety of the latest mobile, computing and embedded products. Now – with new PowerVR Series6 cores, codenamed ‘Rogue’ on their way and multi-core SGX MP devices already coming to market in smartphones, tablets and games consoles it is becoming increasingly important for developers to understand how to take advantage of this hardware architecture in their applications.

The aim of this session is to give an expert insight into the PowerVR SGX and SGX MP Tile Based Deferred Rendering architecture and explain to developers how they can use the PVRTune analysis utility, and best programming practice, to optimize their applications for todays mobile devices.

Please note that an eligible GDC pass is required to attend this session: Audio Pass, Main Conference Pass, Summits and Tutorials Pass, All Access Pass

The Annual POWERVR Insider Party!

During GDC we’re inviting all mobile developers to help us celebrate over 400 million PowerVR enabled devices!

Meet members of the 22,000 strong PowerVR Insider ecosystem for a drink and a chat. Find out what other leading mobile developers are planning and try to remember what was said the next day.

For full locations details RSVP to tradeshows@imgtec.com
And don’t forget to visit us at booth 824 to receive your free and fully featured PowerVR Insider SDK DVD.