GDC 2013 in a nutshell: PowerVR sessions, a panel on mobile graphics and massive prizes

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We are currently making the final preparations for GDC 2013, the annual March conference on game development, software tools, and graphics technologies. We are very excited about the things we have put together this year, including four PowerVR sessions, one amazing panel on the future of mobile graphics, tons of giveaways and the upcoming release of the PowerVR Graphics SDK.

GDC 2013 banner PowerVR

Since GDC is all about creating games, we thought we’d start a competition of our own to add a bit more pepper on top of an already hot mix. During GDC 2013, Imagination is giving away PowerVR-based tablets, free advanced copies of our PowerVR Graphics SDK, and limited edition t-shirts.

PowerVR SDK GDC 2013 DVD

Read on for a guide to help you win any of these unique prizes.

Attend our GDC 2013 sessions and panel to win a PowerVR-based tablet

During GDC 2013 we’re inviting all developers to discover the best in mobile graphics with a day of training, insight and discovery. You can meet and chat with members of our DevTech team and interact with the 38,000 strong PowerVR Insider ecosystem – who represent the most vibrant and fast growing segment of the games industry.

There will be maths for game programmers, discussions on the PowerVR architecture and high-end mobile graphics hardware, a talk on how to use the PowerVR Graphics SDK to optimize your renderer, and many more. Plus, we have a panel with guests from Unity, Caustic Professional, Square Enix and Crytek.

GDC 2013 banner PowerVR sessions

At the end of each session, you will get a chance to win a PowerVR-based tablet by participating in a prize draw. Remember to bring your business cards; once the session has ended, we will put them all in a big bowl and pick out one lucky winner.

We’re giving away a copy of the Visualizer plugin during the Caustic session

The Caustic session will give artists the opportunity to experience first-hand how the Caustic Series2 ray tracing accelerator boards bring real-time, interactive ray tracing to even the earliest stages of modelling and lighting pipelines. The Caustic Visualizer ray traced viewport plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya use the Caustic R2500 and R2100 boards to render in progressively refined passes, interactively updating when changes are made to the shape, the lighting or the shading characteristics.

Smarphones Caustic Pro r2500 r2100

Selected objects in the Caustic Visualizer viewports continue to have fully editable wireframes and manipulators overlaying beautiful real-time ray traced shaded previews.

Game artists using 3ds Max and Maya can learn how this solution helps them make better-informed creative choices in both modelling and lighting pipelines. This saves cost by reducing unnecessary and time-consuming preview renders of characters and backgrounds, compared to working with traditional OpenGL or Direct3D viewports.

At the end of this session, we will be giving out a free copy of the Caustic Visualizer (worth $299) to the winner of our raffle. Just like the PowerVR competition above, all you have to do is place your business card in the designated bowl.

Promote our sessions and panel on social media and win a PowerVR-based tablet

Are you a devoted Twitter user? Good, because we have something special in store for you. Retweet any of the messages below and you automatically enter a raffle to win another brand new tablet.

Furthermore, if you share your PowerVR-related posts on Twitter and add the #PowerVRInsider hash tag, you can win the sixth PowerVR-based tablet and thus have a chance to develop your next applications on today’s leading mobile and embedded GPU technology.

Visit our booth for a chance to grab limited edition t-shirts and PowerVR Graphics SDK DVDs

If you’re on the show floor, stop by our booth in South Hall, stand 512 to see the latest OpenGL ES 2.0 and 3.0 demos running on a range of development boards, smartphones and tablets. We’ll have artists showing you how to accelerate look development with Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya real-time, interactive ray traced viewports – including a fully ray traced game level from Shadowgun.

We are also giving away custom-made PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.1 DVDs and limited edition t-shirts. Don’t forget to take pictures of what you saw on our booth and share it on Twitter with the hash tag #PowerVRInsider, because we have a sixth tablet awaiting an owner.

PowerVR GDC 2013 graduate tshirt

From past years’ experience, our sessions tend to be highly popular and very well attended. Make sure you arrive in time; we look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@ImaginationTech and @PowerVRInsider) as we live tweet what’s happening on our booth and at the show.

Alexandru Voica, Bob Gardner and Joe Davis have contributed to this post.

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