Maker Faire Bay Area is around the corner and Imagination will be there to exhibit some exciting maker boards and projects that use our IP. Read on to find out how you can win some cool prizes by showing up to our mini-hackathons and what else will be on display during the event.
maker faire bay area

Creator Ci20

This year our Creator Ci20 microcomputer is making a first time appearance at Maker Faire. The board features a powerful processor (1.2 GHz dual-core MIPS CPU, PowerVR SGX540 GPU), a full connectivity package (802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Fast Ethernet) and a lot of I/Os for you to hook onto; you can find the full list of specifications here and purchase it from our online store.

Creator CI20-overhead_imgCreator Ci20 is a tiny, powerful MIPS-based microcomputer

We’ll be showing Creator Ci20 running a few of our demos but have also set up a dedicated area for makers to try the board for themselves. We will also organize several mini-hackathons (see one example here) on our stand where you’ll be able to win cool giveaways if you complete a few programming tasks.

Finally, those attending Maker Faire this year will be able to buy the board at a promotional price; simply visit us at our booth (#2424) in the expo hall and you’ll get the ability to take the board with you home instantly at a 10% discount.

Black Swift

Black Swift is another exciting little board in a long line of crowdfunded projects that use a MIPS CPU. It runs a lightweight version of Linux called OpenWrt and features Wi-Fi support.

Black_SwiftBlack Swift is a Kickstarter favorite

Black Swift has been used to make home appliances smarter, turn the Internet of Things into reality, build some funny robots, or create projects where connectivity is vital. If you visit our booth, you’ll be able to see Black Swift at the heart of a temperature and humidity monitoring system – all handled smoothly by the MIPS-based Qualcomm Atheros SoC.

You can follow updates from Black Swift here and find the full list of specifications here.


Now this is a board I get very excited about! chipKIT Wi-FIRE has been designed by Digilent in close partnership with Microchip and Imagination; it features a MIPS-based PIC32-MZ microcontroller, a Wi-Fi module and many I/O pins, making it an ideal tool for hobbyists looking to build the next great (connected) thing.

chipKIT-WiFIRE-obl-600chipKIT Wi-FIRE is a MIPS-based board that connects to the internet

On top of a very flexible hardware platform, chipKIT Wi-FIRE has been the first board to also support FlowCloud, our software framework for connecting devices to the cloud. FlowCloud can be used to construct solutions for a wide range of IoT apps (e.g. security, e-health, energy management, cloud-based content delivery).

Onion Omega

Onion Omega is a fresh appearance on the DIY scene. A unique feature of this board that makes it stand out is the tight hardware and software integration – something its creators are really proud of. For example, the board has the ability to support OTA firmware updates and includes detailed documentation on the APIs makers can take advantage of.

Onion-Omega-1Onion Omega: a MIPS CPU, memory and peripherals

Onion Omega features a MIPS CPU from Qualcomm Atheros and runs Linux; it also has a Arduino-compatible header, many stackable plugin/expansion boards, and comes fully integrated with the Onion Cloud, making it really easy for anyone to connect devices to the internet.

We decided to put Onion Omega to work on our booth so we’ll have it driving the Ping Pong Blaster 2000 – a robot demo designed for the sole purpose of launching ping pong balls at moving targets.

Onion Omega - Ping Pong Blaster 2000

Visit our booth at Maker Faire Bay Area

I’m really excited to meet those attending the event and give them to opportunity to take our new Creator Ci20 microcomputer and other MIPS-based dev boards for a test drive.

If you want to visit us at Maker Faire 2015, our booth is situated in the main expo hall (#2424).

See you there!

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