Imagination at GDC 2018

On Monday 19th March, the Game Developer Conference 2018 will open its doors, and professionals involved in the world of making games, from designers and artists to programmers and producers, will gather together for five days of learning, networking and general inspiration.
Imagination Technologies has been powering the mobile gaming world since the very beginning and we will, of course, be there to show off our latest developments. We’ll be located in booth #102, in the south hall of the Moscone Center. You can find us using the floorplan, so come on over and see us!

Our main announcements this year centre on two new products aimed at developers. We believe these ground-breaking tools will make a huge difference to anyone working with our class-leading GPUs, so stay tuned on Monday for the announcements. If you’re at the show, be sure to come by our booth to have a face-to-face chat to learn about the new capabilities the tools offer first hand.
We’ll also be taking part in a panel session on the subject:

  • Exploiting Machine Learning in Gaming, hosted by Dr Jon Peddie from JPR. Kristof Beets, our senior director of business development for PowerVR, will be taking part and with a great panel of people it looks as though this will be an interesting one to listen to.

    Room 2011, West Hall
    20 March 2018, 14:40 hrs (PST), duration: 60 mins

Once you’ve heard that, come to our booth and you’ll find a number of demos to entice and attract you. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find.
If you walk up to the booth a nearby webcam will detect your face and display it up on a screen with a mask over your face, which in keeping with our ‘Game of Gnomes’ theme will be a pointy hat and a beard. Don’t worry – it’s just virtual! It’s running on a Google Nexus Player featuring a PowerVR G6430 and just a bit of fun to show off our real-time face detection algorithms using OpenCL™ and our OpenGL ES® rendering.

Rogue Swarm
Once you’re in the booth you’ll find one of our brand new demos which we’ve dubbed ‘Rogue Swarm.’ This features a spaceship being chased through an asteroid field by a flock of smaller ships, and, biased as we may be, we think it looks pretty cool, especially considering that it’s running on a so-called ‘low-end’ GPU, a PowerVR Series8XE – specifically as GE8300. Unlike some competitor GPUs this fully supports the Vulkan API, and as well as a smooth frame-rate it is also running a compute shader flocking algorithm to independently control the movement of the smaller ships. It’s pretty cool – check it out.

Game of Gnomes
This demo is a winner for the name alone. (We love a good terrible pun here!). In this demo, we show off our ability to run augmented reality applications on our GPUs. It shows a moving gnome and animated soldiers and uses marker cards to do it. It’s built on the Vuforia platform and is running on a Meizu Pro 7 Plus featuring a MediaTek Helio X30 chipset with a PowerVR Series7XTP GPU inside. It’s fun and worth checking out.

Sky Lantern
Do you remember the Disney movie Tangled? Well, if you had a young daughter when this came out a few years ago you’ll certainly remember it, and you won’t have had any choice in the matter! Anyway, enough about me… In the film, there was a very pretty sequence excellent sequence where Chinese lanterns were released into the sky – it was a torture test for 3D-capable TV back in the day. This demo reminds me of that, with a lantern in the foreground floating through the sky with the background blurred out. It’s photographic quality bokeh and it’s an excellent demonstration of the ability of our ability to do advanced HDR post-processing on a low-power mobile chip – essentially desktop quality graphics on mobile. Again, it’s running on a Meizu Pro 7 Plus featuring a MediaTek Helio X30 chipset with a PowerVR Series7XTP GPU inside.

We look forward to meeting you at the show and be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates at @ImaginationTech and @PowerVRInsider and also on LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

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