Growing an ecosystem: Imagination organizes idc2013 developer events, launches region-specific websites

I’ve often wondered what makes Imagination unique. Is it our IP cores and the smart technology innovations inside them? Yes, of course that’s part of it, although there have been companies in the past that, despite being innovators or first to market with their products, have failed to capitalize on their momentum and, in some cases, completely disappeared.

I believe that what makes Imagination unique (and uniquely positioned for success) is our commitment to grow our business through key partnerships within the technology market. Our success lies in building an ecosystem where companies and entrepreneurs can engage and create interesting opportunities that benefit not just the IP business, but everyone in the manufacturing chain, right down to the end user.

We provide not only hardware IP, but complementary solutions which include software drivers, the free PowerVR Graphics SDK and utilities, complete with dedicated technical support and training opportunities. We provide developer outreach and co-marketing opportunities which enable our partners to create awareness for their products, accelerate time to market and provide differentiated solutions for a wide range of markets.

As each of our main IP families have delivered significant volume shipments (currently amassing more than 5 billion units), we are directly involved in numerous ecosystems that can sometimes be very different from each other. This involves everything from licensing IP to leading silicon vendors, to optimizing our libraries for the latest process nodes to working with tool providers, middleware and game developers, and even OEMs.

One of our main areas of focus is the application developer ecosystem, which provides us with a concentrated view of what software teams expect of the hardware and software IP we design. By keeping developers in the loop with the latest developments for our processor technologies, we ensure that our technology is optimized to deliver the best performance for the end user.

We are very eager to continue growing our ecosystem in support of our customers, and have already started several key programs to help us achieve that.

Firstly, there are now several in-depth Imagination Developer Connection events being organized for the coming months. Dubbed idc2013, these events will feature a series of presentations and interactive sessions with Imagination and key members of our ecosystem, designed to help developers create market-leading applications that tuned to give you the best possible performance optimized when running on our IP. Click here for more info about the idc2013.

idc13Imagination also participates in various events throughout the year. CES, MWC, GDC, GDC Europe, and SIGGRAPH are just a few of the places where you can drop by our booth and see our hardware in action.

Secondly, we constantly improve our SDKs, tools and utilities, giving developers free access to our PowerVR Graphics SDK as well as dedicated support and feedback mechanisms. We are now in the process of making the SDK available on region-specific versions of our website which include local hosting and distribution. This will significantly increase download speeds and improve general availability.

On the social media front, we are maintaining Facebook, Twitter (@ImaginationTech, @PowerVRInsider, @GPUCompute, @MIPSGuru, @CausticGraphics) and Sina Weibo (@ImaginationTech) accounts, where we regularly post news and announcements, blog articles and share messages from our partners. Please join us there to share your opinions, tips, and ideas for Imagination and the Imagination Developer Community.

As we continue to work with silicon vendors, OEMs and developers to deliver highly-optimized solutions resulting in high-performance platforms ideal for the most demanding applications. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming idc2013 events for a demonstration of our latest solutions and Imagination based platforms, as well as tools for application development.

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