At MWC 2013, Imagination Technologies has reinvented itself with a brand new company logo offering a new identity and a refreshed image to partners, investors, and analysts. The new branding represents Imagination’s diversification and growth due in large part to recent acquisitions of several key companies such as Caustic Graphics, HelloSoft, MIPS Technologies and Nethra Imaging.

The meaning behind Imagination Technologies’ logo

The concept behind Imagination’s logo was initially developped over fifteen years ago. Initially, it included the all-familiar circle and square coloured yellow on the inside. Although it might seem like a simple idea, it was passionately discussed, as Imagination wanted to offer the world a glimpse of the passion that motivates the company; that passion was finally captured by a unique and memorable image that has now become a symbol of Imagination Technologies.

Imagination Technologies logo (first version)The logo has an interesting story behind it. On one hand, it symbolizes a person sitting at his computer, as seen from above.

On the other hand – and this is where things get really geeky – it is a visual representation of an ancient problem: squaring the circle. This 2500-year old challenge consists of constructing a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straightedge.

It is about overcoming seemingly impossible task, something that Imagination Technologies has been quite consistent at over the last 25 years of its existence.

Later on, the logo was given a facelift: the yellow was gone and the font was slightly modernized, but no other major changes occurred. The brand name was also changed from Imagination Technologies to a more straightforward name – Imagination, making it easier for our ecosystem partners as well as analysts and press to recognize us.

Imagination Technologies logo (second version)

To reveal the latest evolution of our logo we have chosen GSMA’s 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The show’s motto – The New Mobile Horizon – aptly fits with what has been at the core of Imagination Technologies: offering our partners complete and efficient mobile IP solutions.

Imagination_Technologies_new logo

As you can see, the popular theme of squaring the circle has prevailed once again, but the font type and colour were radically altered so that everything becomes a closer representation of what we are today, as a company: modern, dynamic, open.

by Imagination: PowerVR, Ensigma, Meta, MIPS, HelloSoft and Caustic

At its launch, the PowerVR family of graphics cores was also given a logo of its own which could be used on boxes, games and products. That logo gradually evolved from a 2D image to a more dynamic 3D representation. Finally, as the business was refocused towards IP licensing, the consumer facing PowerVR logo was quietly retired.

Today we are proud to introduce not just a revamped PowerVR logo, but symbols for each IP family reflecting the equal prominence we give to each part of the industries most comprehensive IP range.

PowerVR by Imagination Technologies
Caustic by Imagination Technologies
MIPS by Imagination Technologies
Meta by Imagination Technologies
Flow by Imagination Technologies
Ensigma by Imagination Technologies HelloSoft by Imagination Technologies

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