Imagination's Caustic Professional Series2 ray tracing R2500 and R2100 PC boards

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Ray tracing acceleration is shipping soonBy making Imagination’s ray tracing technology part of your rendering solution, you can deliver what many have been clamoring for: state-of-the-art real-time, interactive ray tracing. Caustic Professional is part of Imagination Technologies, a global leader in multimedia and communications technologies.

Based in San Francisco, Caustic Professional is changing how interactive cinema-quality 3D graphics are produced, used, and enjoyed. Our solutions, based on Imagination’s PowerVR OpenRL™ and PowerVR Brazil™ API ray tracing technologies, use a unique, patented approach that fundamentally changes the performance and cost metrics for production quality ray-traced images and animated content without cutting corners for quality or functionality.

To pre-order now, visit our Caustic Professional dedicated online shop and select the products you are interested in.

Imagination’s Caustic Professional Series2 ray tracing R2500 and R2100 PC boards [press releases and media coverage]

The Caustic Series2 OpenRL PC boards are designed to accelerate the Caustic Visualizer viewport plug-ins for Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max and will be available for purchase from January 2013.

Storified by Imagination PR Team· Fri, Dec 21 2012 01:10:35

The Caustic R2500 OpenRL PC board, including a copy of Caustic Visualizer, is priced at US$1495 and targets the latest high-end workstations. Meanwhile, the Caustic R2100 board, bundled with a copy of Caustic Visualizer, is a mere US$795 and can breathe some much-needed life back into existing mid-range and higher workstations.
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Imagination Technologies previews Caustic Series2 ray tracing acceleration boards for Maya and 3ds Max at Autodesk UniversityRevolutionary interactive viewports at affordable price points make ray tracing available to a far broader user and developer base Imagin…
Both the CausticSeries2 ray tracing accelerator boards and Caustic Visualizer for Maya plugins willbe available for purchase from January 2013. The production version of the 3dsMax Visualizer will be available in Q2 2013, with beta trials from February2013.
GraphicSpeak ” Caustic introduces ray-tracing accelerator boardsImagination Technologies acquired Caustic in 2010 for its graphics prowess. These two new add-in boards address a small but fanatic marke…
Faster Rendering at Lower Watt with Dedicated Ray-Tracing Unit | Virtual DesktopAlex Kelley, director of business development at Caustic Professional, a division of Imagination Technologies, has been waiting patiently…
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The CausticVisualizer viewport renderer interactively updates and responds to all edits in3ds Max and Maya including geometry, lighting and shading characteristics whilepreserving their powerful interactive workflows. Selected objects in the Maya viewportcontinue to have fully editable wireframes and manipulators overlaid on the real-timeray traced shaded preview.
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Caustic Visualizer for Maya — Sunglasses Democausticgraphics
Imagination’s Caustic Visualizer Creates Ray Traced Viewport for Maya | VFXPublished on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 At SIGGRAPH, Imagination Technologies introduced the Caustic Visualizer interactive viewport plug-…
Imagination unveils Caustic Visualizer for MayaImagination Technologies has unveiled Caustic Visualizer: a new interactive viewport rendering plugin for Maya, developed using the Power…
Caustic Visualizer Brings Real Time and Interactive Raytracing to Maya ViewportsCaustic Professional, part of the Imagination Technologies Group have been hard at work on the absolute madness that is the Caustic Visua…
Caustic Visualizer Trek AnimationelvRnv1OV112kol67dWl-Q
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Caustic Visualizer Plug-In for Autodesk Maya by Desktop EngineeringMCAD/CAM: Makes ray-traced photorealistic rendering part of the content creation workflow.
Playing with @causticgraphics visualizer. Haven’t been this wowed in years! Check out actual interactive viewport:Rune Spaans
I just liked “Caustic Visualizer for Maya – Butterfly Under Glass” on Vimeo:
New post: Year in review: Retread, repeat, relaunch. Commentary by Jon Peddie.
Alex Voica

Alex Voica

Before deciding to pursue his dream of working in technology marketing, Alexandru held various engineering roles at leading semiconductor companies in Europe. His background also includes research in computer graphics and VR at the School of Advanced Studies Sant'Anna in Pisa. You can follow him on Twitter @alexvoica.

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