Imagination's List-o-mania: A roundup of releases for the Connected Home, Internet of Things and other emerging markets in 2012

After focusing on everyone’s favourite smartphones, tablets and other mobile-related launches for 2012, it’s time we took a glance at the connected home, the Internet of Things and emerging markets.

As before, we’ve taken a focused approach, where we chose a small selection of relevant products and solutions that really made a splash in the last year. Expect an even busier 2013 as our OEM and ODM partners are ramping up for a driven effort to provide the best solutions in consumer electronics. And they have good reasons to: the connected market alone will be worth over 100 billion US dollars according to the latest report.

Imagination's List-o-mania: Connected home, Internet of Things and emerging markets

Pure enters the TV market with Avalon 300R Connect

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV Pure avalon 300r connect

Pure’s Avalon 300R Connect is a high-performance, easy-to-use Freeview+ HD digital TV recorder with a unique, state-of-the-art user interface. Integrating an Intel chipset with Imagination’s PowerVR graphics, the UI delivers the best 3D graphics experience ever seen on a set-top box, with an incredibly smooth transition between channels. The Pure Avalon 300R Connect, with its market-leading PowerVR graphics, simply delivers the most attractive and engaging free TV viewing experience around, bar none.

Pure announces ‘Jongo’, the world’s first mainstream multiroom audio product family

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV Pure jongo

The Jongo wireless system allows users to distribute synchronised music and audio to multiple devices from a single source, including the new Pure Connect App for iPad, iPhone and Android, as well as an increasing number of Pure’s connected products. At the heart of the connected audio products and Cloud experience sit Imagination’s MetaFlow Connected Processor platforms. They offer a complete technology solution, enabling chip designers to create the most compelling consumer, industrial, and embedded products. It combines our Meta processors, Ensigma RPUs and Flow technologies to offer a complete, turn-key platform for all M2M (machine-to-machine) communications and Internet of Things computing platforms.

UPC launches ‘Horizon’ Media Gateway

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV upc horizon media gateway

Manufactured by Samsung using an Intel hardware platform and an advanced TV UI from NDS, the UPC “Horizon” Media Gateway has seen a huge rise in popularity. The PowerVR graphics core driving the user interface makes it a very intuitive and fast platform. It manages to offer a huge array of features, while not detracting from the quality of experience of those who just want to watch TV.

Imagination announces new high bandwidth Ensigma Series4 Radio Processing Units (RPU) supporting 802.11ac, 4×4 MIMO and beyond

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV ensigma series4 rpu

Imagination’s Ensigma Series4 IP architecture was launched at ET in Japan. It features a highly scalable multicore approach for maximum configurability, combined with an ultra-high bandwidth programmable bus fabric and an extremely efficient VLIW-based 4th generation modulation processor with multi-context capabilities. This enables Series4 RPUs to be configured to 4×4 MIMO, 802.11ac and beyond, as well as more than 30 standards for every major 802.11 profile, TV and radio broadcast, Bluetooth and many other broadcast and connectivity communications standards. Ensigma Series4 is the ideal solution for markets including TV and set-top boxes, radio (consumer or automotive), tablets / smartphones, connected consumer, industrial and automotive products, and embedded processors powering the Internet of Things.

Nest Labs’s Learning Thermostat save a lot of energy

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV nest learning thermostat The 2nd generation Nest learning thermostat has been on store shelves for a couple of months. It is an easy-to-use programmable thermostat that anyone can control from a smartphone or tablet. The 2nd generation Nest Learning Thermostat can be bought for $249.99 and it offers advanced features like increased temperature control, making real energy savings on a regular household bill. And these smart thermostats are starting to generate visible results as they have more than 200 million kilowatt hours saved to date which is 20 to 30 percent better than other competing solutions.

Comcast unveils new Xfinity TV Set-Top Boxes with social media integration, Intel CPUs and PowerVR graphics

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV comcast xfinity stb

The Comcast Xfinity media platform is a giant leap forward, essentially transforming their video product from a hardware experience to a software experience. The PowerVR graphics core allows them to innovate faster and more aggressively. The set top box provides a comprehensive multimedia experience, complete with Apps, sleek navigation, personalization and Social Media tools.

SiS HDTV Platform with an Ensigma Series3 RPU is showcased at ET 2012 in Japan

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV sis 330 hdtv SiS demonstrated the capabilities of its SiS330 HDTV platform at the Embedded Technology 2012 exhibition in Yokohama, Japan. The SiS330 HDTV platform integrates Imagination’s Ensigma RPU (Radio Processing Unit) technology with a multistandard TV demodulator, which gives SiS330 the advantage of supporting worldwide major TV broadcasting standards. The highly integrated SoC design of SiS330 widens the competiveness gap from other solutions. The SiS330 HDTV SoC is the industry’s first single chip solution to support universal TV broadcasting standards, including ATSC/DVB-T/DVB-C/ISDB-T/CTTB and J.83B demodulators to meet the different North and South American, European, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese market specifications.

California hospital tests disposable, vital signs monitoring patch from Toumaz

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV toumaz sensiumvitals

Toumaz Ltd., a British maker of wearable medical sensors, has begun this year the first U.S. pilot of its SensiumVitals disposable “digital plaster” at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. Working through Toumaz US, a joint venture backed by UCLA surgeon and billionaire investor Soon-Shiong, Toumaz is testing the continuous monitoring capabilities of SensiumVitals for capturing heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature of patients in general hospital wards. Without the disposable plaster sensors, St. John’s clinicians have to record vitals manually every six to eight hours.

Intel offers new choice for consumers with new Atom CE5300 chipset for set-top boxes

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV amino stb intel atom ce5300

The Intel Atom CE5300 Media Processor (codenamed ‘Berryville’) is Intel 4th-generation SoC and their first 32nm part for this market segment that features a dual Intel Atom core with support for hyperthreading and virtualization. It includes Imagination’s PowerVR 3D/2D graphics engine, integrated power management, and an H.264 B-picture hardware encoder. Amino have already showcased their Amino Freedom Live Media Gateway at various shows and events including IFA and IBC. This platform is Amino’s first Hybrid/OTT media gateway and is capable of running the latest Opera TV Browser and Web GL technology, which both work faster thanks to the PowerVR GPU inside the Intel Atom CE5300. Locatel will also launch their STB 10 featuring the Intel Atom CE4150 – a set-top box targeting the hospitality industry.

Entropic manages another design win with Echostar HDT-610R

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV echostar hdt 610r

Using Entropic’s Apollo SoC which integrates a PowerVR GPU, the Echostar HDT-610R is an example of industrial ultra-slim design. If you’re looking for a Freeview HD that’s a world apart from traditional PVRs, this Echostar delivers – it’s both ingenious and beautiful.

The best in connected home, Internet of Things and emerging markets: Final part of the trilogy

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list and share it around on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms. Make sure you also have a look at our countdown of the best mobile games of 2012 as well as this year’s highlights in smartphones, tablets and handheld consoles.

For more announcements and releases from Imagination and its OEM and ODM partners, keep following our blog and Twitter account (@ImaginationTech).

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