Since its release, our PowerVR Graphics SDK and Utility roadmap has always been strongly influenced by the developers that use it – both indie and AAA. We’ve collected feedback over email, on the forums and, of course, in person! The downside is we have a very good understanding of a specific developer’s requirements, but not of the PowerVR Insider community as a whole. Additionally, we’ve been lacking a standardized way for developers to submit and keep track of bug reports. To combat these issues, we’re announcing our public developer support system as part of our PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.2 release.

PowerVR Insider Feedback

About the Feedback

PowerVR Insider Existing Feedback

Feedback falls under one of three types; Feature Request, Bug Report or Suggestion (a catch all for anything else you have to say). A category can be assigned to the feedback to identify the component the feedback refers to (e.g. Graphics Driver, SDK, Utilities etc.). Additionally, states are associated with each so we can keep the community up to date with progress.

Reading and agreeing with existing feedback

If you want to support an existing piece of feedback, you can click “I Agree” to vote for it. The number of votes associated with an item will be taken into consideration when our roadmaps are constructed.

Submitting Feedback

PowerVR Insider Feedback InputFeedback submission is simple. The drop down boxes and text fields are used to describe your idea or explain the bug you’ve encountered. An email address and name is required before submission. The name you provide will be publicly visible. Email address will be used by the DevTech team on rare occasions where we need to follow up on feedback items. Supplied email addresses will not be added to mailing lists, shared with anyone outside of the DevTech or used for any other purposes.

NDA developer program

In addition to Feedback, the Helpdesk will also be used as our NDA developer support portal. Registered users will be able to submit tickets and access NDA only downloads (for example, our GLSL ES disassembly compilers). If you’d like to gain access to these extra features, please follow the steps outlined on our support system’s landing page.

In Summary

Our new Feedback system will make it even easier for us to listen to the community and ensure our software is as relevant as possible to your development process. Please take the time to visit the page, “agree” with existing feedback and/or share your own great ideas!