At the recent Jefferies 2014 Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in Miami, former United States President Bill Clinton gave the keynote address. After his speech, Imagination’s CEO Hossein Yassaie had the chance to meet President Clinton, and the moment was captured on film.

Bill Clinton_Hossein Yassaie_Jeffries TMT 2014President Bill Clinton delivered the keynote address at the Jefferies 2014 Global TMT Conference in Miami, Florida

President Bill Clinton is the founder of the non-profit Clinton Foundation which has a stated mission to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence.” The Foundation focuses on several important areas: climate change, economic development, global health, and women’s rights.

IP with great potential

While Imagination doesn’t work directly with the Clinton Foundation, areas with which it is concerned are also of key importance to us.

Our IP families such as MIPS CPUs and Ensigma connectivity solutions, and our FlowCloud device-to-cloud platform form the base technologies for the upcoming revolution in IoT (Internet of Things) and other emerging applications which will have a dramatic impact on many global and humanitarian issues.

By using our general purpose and connectivity solutions, companies can build smarter solutions that address the challenges of a fast-moving 21st century: improving food production and consumption for a growing population, creating new healthcare and wellness monitoring systems for the aging population, and developing energy efficient grids that can sustain the rise of new emerging economies.

FlowCloud - IoT cloudThe Internet of Things is soon to play an important role in our lives

In a recent interview on Ian King Live, a business and technology news show produced by Sky News, Hossein reiterated that while our technologies are currently at the heart of mobile, home and automotive markets, we are always expanding into new and exciting industries. He also offered a few examples of how disruptive technologies from Imagination have the potential to radically impact emerging markets through our diverse range of over 100 customers that are spread across the world.

— Ian King Live Team (@SkyIanKingLive) June 24, 2014

The first example focused on the future of food production. By designing ultra-low power processor IP for very small embedded chips, we are helping a veterinarian to keep farm animals healthier. These processors fit inside small bite-size capsules that can be ingested by animals and used to monitor their vital signs or feeding patterns. This creates a secure framework for raising and looking after livestock which in turn improves food quality.

Another example focused on smarter cars; by adding advanced technologies such as vision processors to our automobiles, we can increase safety standards and therefore reduce accidents. Vision IP inside the car is used to implement collision detection and prevention systems that can stop the car automatically if the driver is asleep or not paying attention to the road ahead.

Finally, MIPS, Ensigma and FlowCloud can be used to dramatically improve the quality of healthcare. Combining a small MIPS CPU and Ensigma low-power connectivity engine in a chip that can function at near threshold voltages means companies can build ultra-low powered wireless healthcare technologies that monitor vital signs of general care patients. These wearable devices can stay powered on for weeks, provide early detection of patient deterioration and send useful data to your general practitioner through Flow, our IoT software platform for cloud connectivity.

Final words

To date, Imagination has shipped over 7 billion products across a variety of markets, including mobile, networking, home entertainment, automotive and IoT. By the time you will have finished reading this article, more than 5,000 devices with our IP will have been sold worldwide.

But it is not all about the numbers; we genuinely believe in investing in the future and creating technology that makes everyone’s day-to-day life better by connecting people and devices together. Just today we have announced that Imagination is sponsoring a chair in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) initiative created by the UK government. These programs help recruit post-doctoral maths and physics researchers to teach in schools and promote racial and gender diversity among 16-18 year olds interested in a career in the technology sector – something that the Clinton Foundation would surely appreciate.

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