Mentor Graphics, Imagination and Pure deliver an impressive graphical UI on the Pure Avalon 300R Connect Digital TV Recorder

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Mentor Graphics, Imagination and Pure have worked together to deliver an advanced graphical UI for the Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder. Philip Burr, director of UI product marketing at Mentor Graphics, is here to tell you more about the collaboration between Mentor, Imagination and Pure as well as the wide range of solutions from Mentor Embedded for sophisticated user interfaces (UI).

The 3D EPG delivers some of the most impressive menu graphics ever seen with a set-top box.” Mike Wheatley, HDTVtest

For a start, it has one of the best designed and graphically impressive user interfaces we’ve ever seen.” – Ian Morris, Pocket-lint

As can be seen from the quotes above, the importance of a good user interface (UI) cannot be overlooked. In fact, the determining factor on whether a product succeeds or fails often hinges on the right combination of efficient hardware and a rich, intuitive user experience.

The Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder is an exceptional example of how a UI is supposed to look, “feel,” and function.

The Pure Avalon 300R Connect uses Imagination’s PowerVR GPU to power the user experience and interface . This has enabled Pure to create a fluid, well designed 3D UI which adds depth and sophistication to the product.

mentor graphics Imagination Pure Avalon300R ConnectImplementing great UIs within time and budget is never easy, however with the right tools and software the job can be made much easier. This is why Pure worked closely with Mentor Graphics to make full use of Mentor’s expertise in UI and graphics. Mentor supplied UI tools, a graphics engine and services to Pure.

Mentor has a lot of experience in working with clients such as Pure, and, in our experience, it’s always a critical first step to map out expectations and ultimate goals. Only then can we introduce the right UI tools and technology into the product and design cycle.

Imagination's list-o-mania: connected home Internet of things smart TV Pure avalon 300r connect

To enable a quick start, Mentor implemented the first iteration of Avalon 300R’s UI based on the design and graphical assets provided by Pure. We then trained up the Pure team who refined the design and added some additional screens.  A close working relationship is always important and this project was no exception – we worked together as a team and even had the Pure hardware in our labs.

But it’s not just smart TVs and STBs, as Mentor has enabled great UIs across a whole range of embedded products:  medical, white goods, automotive, and even smart-energy meter UIs.

A close working relationship with our clients assures:

  1. Getting the best embedded UI tools and software technology the industry has to offer
  2. Working with embedded system professionals who understand design and project constraints, and work hard to overcome them
  3. A first class project and work environment in which all parties can work together for a successful project

Mentor has a lot of experience in developing and integrating UI tools and frameworks for embedded devices and our work with Pure further solidifies our position as an industry innovator.

Pure Avalon 300R Connect User interface PowerVR GPU

More details on Mentor’s (@Mentor_Graphics) compelling and visually rich user interfaces (UIs) can be found by visiting the Mentor website where you can read all about the Inflexion UI.

Pure’s Avalon 300R Connect is out for sale now so order yours today from Pure’s dedicated web store or major electronics resellers (in the UK), and you too can experience a user interface which is truly a joy to use.


Scott Salzwedel has contributed to this article.

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