I wrote briefly last week about the revolutionary hardware inside the new Creator development board. Today I’d like to focus on another equally important topic: the software package.

With the upcoming release of our IoT-focused board, we’re starting a new chapter in the Creator program – and we’re very fortunate to be working alongside truly innovative companies to make it happen.

Update 1: The Creator Ci40 dev kit is now available for purchase on Kickstarter. Click on the image below to read more about the technical specifications and how the order one.

Creator Ci40 - Kickstarter banner

Made for Brillo

The partner that I’d like to reveal today is Google: the new Creator board will run Brillo, the new operating system designed specifically for Internet of Things applications. Since the MIPS architecture is officially supported in Android, running Brillo on MIPS-based devices is a natural evolution.

Google Brillo - Creator - IoT

Initially introduced at Google I/O 2015, Brillo has been described by Google Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai as an end-to-end operating system designed to “connect devices in a seamless and intuitive way and make them work better for users.”

You can register your interest in our made for Brillo Creator dev board here.

IoT programming with OpenWrt and Debian

In addition to Brillo, the new Creator board will support OpenWrt – a staple for many MIPS-based development boards and networking devices.

OpenWrt is a lightweight, clean and streamlined GNU/Linux-based operating system designed primarily to route networking traffic. The modular architecture of OpenWrt has been optimized to reduce its size, an important feature that makes this operating system ideal for the limited storage and memory available in home routers or single-board computers.

OpenWrt on Creator Ci40

Developers can easily connect and send commands to OpenWrt-based devices using a command-line terminal or a web interface (LuCI). There are also about 3500 optional software packages available for installation via the opkg package management system.

In addition, Creator Ci40 will run Debian – a GNU/Linux distribution that is also available on Creator Ci20.

OpenWrt and Debian are extremely popular choices for developers working on the MIPS architecture and we are very excited to have both operating systems running on the new Creator IoT board.

Further information

The operating systems are a vital part of the Creator brand, representing the bridge between our hardware and you – the developers, working hard to create new experiences using our products. We want to provide Creator developers with the best mix of hardware and software available, and we promise to work with you to optimize our systems and ensure you are getting the best possible performance out of our boards.

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