New PowerVR Graphics SDK 2.10 is here

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Our SDK team have been busy putting the final effort into getting the latest incarnation into shape. Now it’s time to unleash the latest update to the Imagination PowerVR Graphics SDK, version 2.10 which is now available for download here . So what can we look forward to in its latest incarnation?

Main features and updates:

  • Both PVRTC1 and 2 are now fully supported.
    • PVRTC 2 improves the texture quality for UIs and areas of high contrast, introduces sub textures and support for arbitrary Non Power of Two (NPOT textures. Supported by Series5XT and Series6 cores.
    • See Press Release here
  • The PFX and PVR formats now have a public specification available. The benefit here is that you can now use these formats in their own tools without having to use ours, it also means that other applications (texture viewers, game engines etc.) can use the formats without having to use our PVRScope tool.
  • Remote Analysis – PVRTrace can now connect to application via any TCP/IP connection, so that tracing can be done remotely.
  • Image Analysis for PVRTune. You can now see every Draw Call to a frame and what renders are being performed.
  • PVRShaman (Shader Manager tool) now has post-processing support. You now can do any post processing effect to test and prototype it.
  • PVRUniScEditor. We have added new compilers for the Shader Editor. Upgraded forPowerVR Series5XT Cores. PowerVRIncreased accuracy of ‘per line cycle counts’. More information is made available about registers.
  • PVRTexLib has been overhauled, with considerable performance and usability improvements. The new interface allows all tasks to be coded and performed much more rapidly.
  • PVR Version 3 – To go along with the new version of PVRTexLib, the PVR container has been updated. The new version increases the capabilities of the PVR format in almost every way, and with the addition of custom meta-data allows users to store all manner of engine specific information.

So, lots of improvements and feature additions that should make your lives a lot easier while developing. As IMG are constantly looking to improve on the tools chain, as it is absolutely fundamental to the success of the developer community, so any feedback regarding current features, limitations and future elements you would like to see in the SDK, please go to the forum pages and make those suggestions.

Also note that we are increasing our focus and activity on Social Media so please check back in regularly to see what we are up to in both the PowerVR and the wider Imagination Community blogs and websites. We will be discussing key technologies in the blog, right across the Imagination portfolio, as well as keeping you abreast of news, events and community collaborations.

We are also expanding our Twitter focus so please follow us on @PowerVRinsider and @ImaginationTech for the latest and greatest news and articles impacting our developer community.

Bryce Johnstone

Bryce Johnstone

Bryce is the Senior Manager of Third-Party Relationships at Imagination across its entire technology portfolio. He has accumulated 28 years in various companies including long stints at STC and Texas Instruments where he ran the OMAP Developer Program. Initially an ASIC designer, he went on to work on products such as TI DSP, SuperSparc, TI486, OMAP, ThunderSwitch, ADSL, WLAN.

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