Next generation connected audio products with Imagination, Onkyo and Pure

As the anticipation was building for Embedded Technology (ET), one of Asia’s most important tradeshows, we were busy holding a special event at the British Embassy in Tokyo where we had invited executives from leading semiconductor and consumer electronics companies to participate in a short demonstration of our main technologies and some of the products that integrate our multimedia IP solutions, including a selected range of connected audio and Internet products.

It was a great opportunity for us to announce that our partners have shipped over 1 billion cumulative SoCs integrating our IP, including over 500 million units of the PowerVR video decode and encode IP cores, making Imagination the world’s largest supplier of licensable hardware video decode and encode technologies.

Big in Japan: Imagination, Onkyo and Pure

We were also happy to reveal a key partnership between Imagination, our Pure division and Onkyo, a consumer electronics manufacturer with its main headquarter in Osaka. The word Onkyo is Japanese for “sound harmony” as the company focuses on home cinema and audio equipment including receivers and surround sound speakers. Over the years, their products have been highly praised for their build quality and innovative technical features by both users and the media.

Next generation connected audio_products: Onkyo, Imagination and Pure

Pure, Imagination’s product division and technology pathfinder, is no stranger to success: it has won a host of the coveted What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards for many of its DAB designs (proudly on display in its reception area). For example, What Hi-Fi praised the Pure Digital One Flow Internet and DAB radio, giving it the “Best Internet radio up to £150” distinction and saying it offers amazing value for money. In their opinion, its secret weapon is the killer Pure Connect app through which registered users have access to a large music collection, live radio and other exciting content like on-demand streams (podcasts, listen again programmes and ambient sounds).

Next generation connected audio products: Pure Connect

Pure Connect, a gateway to a world of audio with millions of songs, thousands of radio stations, hundreds of thousands of on-demand programmes and podcasts, and a range of ambient sounds

Pure have also recently announced ‘Jongo’, the world’s first mainstream multiroom audio product family. The Jongo wireless system allows users to distribute synchronised music and audio to multiple devices from a single source, including the new Pure Connect App for iPad, iPhone and Android, as well as an increasing number of Pure’s connected products.

Pure Jongo S340B

Pure Jongo S340B, a portable wireless speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and 360° sound

As both companies are leaders in their respective markets, the association made perfect sense. It will allow Onkyo to use our expertise, ecosystem and multimedia solutions as well as our processor, connectivity and cloud technologies to offer consumers a new range of connected audio products which will strengthen its leadership in the premium audio market.

For Imagination and Pure, this is a great opportunity to reach new markets and build a strong relationship with Onkyo, a world renowned manufacturer and distributer of multimedia solutions. We believe the addition of Onkyo to our current OEM partner programme solidifies our design to manufacture chain and accelerates the time to market, providing an advantageous endeavour for both companies as well as the end-consumer. Onkyo have also committed to work with Imagination’s Pure division to develop new products and market their existing solutions and cloud-based music offering in Japan, with selected markets to follow.

MetaFlow Connected Processors – at the heart of the connected audio products and the cloud

Imagination’s MetaFlow Connected Processor platforms offer a complete technology platform, enabling chip designers to create the most compelling consumer, industrial, and embedded products.

It combines our Meta processors, Ensigma RPUs and Flow technologies to offer a complete, turn-key platform for all M2M (machine-to-machine) communications and Internet of Things computing platforms.

Next generation connected audio products: the Flow platform

FlowWorld™ offers a wide range of services for Internet connected products built on Imagination’s MetaFlow connected processors.

A growing number of Imagination’s silicon partners are offering MetaFlow-based products, which are already used by Pure and many other OEMs and ODMs to create some of the most innovative cloud-connected consumer products available today like Pure’s range of Streaming Internet Radio which includes the compact yet powerful  Countour 200i Air, the classic, affordable Evoke and One Flow radios or the fully featured Sensia 200D Connect.

The proven MetaFlow solution enables product designers to easily create their own optimized Internet-oriented applications, while the growing ecosystem of Flow offerings and content partners enables OEMs and ODMs to provide a rich set of cloud-based solutions that complement their own core product capabilities.

For more exciting OEM announcements as well as Imagination-related news from shows and events around the world, keep close to our blog and follow us on Twitter (@ImaginationTech).

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