The Android Diaries | PowerVR Graphics SDK released for the Android SDK Manager

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‘The Android Diaries’ is a series of blog posts, articles and tutorials where we focus on all aspects of graphics development on Android, the Android SDK as well as Android-specific APIs like Renderscript or Filterscript. If you have any Android-related questions, ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment in the box below or start a discussion on our PowerVR-dedicated forum and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Android SDK offers developers the API libraries and developer tools necessary to write, test, and debug apps for Android. For  the past weeks we’ve been working on a new Android SDK add-on containing the latest release of our PowerVR Graphics SDK. This add-on has now been made available just like the usual stand-alone installer and is tightly integrated into Eclipse, simplifying all the process associated with integrating the PowerVR Graphics SDK with the Android SDK (modifying the source, building and deploying).

Installing the PowerVR Graphics SDK with the Android SDK manager

The PowerVR Graphics SDK is available through the Android SDK Manager as an Eclipse-ready addon. Just open the Android SDK Manager, go to “Tools”, then “Manage Add-on Sites”. Click on the “User Defined Sites” tab, choose “New…”, and enter the PowerVR SDK add-on URL ( to your Android SDK Manager.

You’re now all set for starting a new and exciting graphics development project with your favorite native API (OpenGL ES2.0 or 1.1).

Android SDK Manager - Add-on Sites _014

Android SDK Manager _010

Android SDK Choose Packages to Install _011

New Android SDK Sample Project _012

New Android SDK Sample Project _012

Building and deploying the samples is just a matter of a few clicks from your Eclipse environment so why not give it a try today? If you need help with the PowerVR Graphics SDK, you can contact our DevTech team on Imagination’s PowerVR Insider forum.

The PowerVR Graphics SDK and related utilities

For new PowerVR developers, we also recommend downloading the most recent release of the PowerVR Graphics SDK and checking out the utilities that enable you to quickly start writing and optimizing your apps for the hundreds of millions devices integrating Imagination’s PowerVR GPUs. Our SDK includes popular utilities and components as well as examples and documentation to streamline your Android app development. There are three categories of utilities available to you:

– Asset Optimization: PVRTexTool (Texture Compressor), PVRGeoPOD (Geometry Exporter)

– Development: PVRVFrame (PC Emulation), PVRShaman (Shader IDE), PVRShaderEditor (Shader Editor)

– Performance Analysis: PVRTuneGPU (Performance Analyzer), PVRScope (Performance Analysis Library), PVRTrace (Graphics API Tracer), GLSL Compiler (Profile & Verification Compiler)

For example, the SDK can be used to write 3D graphics applications for PowerVR-enabled devices or on your development machine using our PVRVFrame PC emulation.

The Asset Optimization package includes PVRTexTool which is a suite of utilities for compressing textures, an important technique that ensures the lowest possible texture memory overhead at application run-time. The PVRTexTool package includes a library, command line and GUI tools, and a set of plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, and Adobe Photoshop. You can use PVRTexTool to compress textures using PVRTC and PVRTC2, the most efficient texture compression standards available for mobile devices today.

On top of that, the PowerVR Graphics SDK contains a comprehensive training course which will guide you step-by-step through the API, from the most simple initialization example, getting your first triangle on the screen, all the way to advanced feature programming.

For more news and announcements from the PowerVR Insider ecosystem, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@ImaginationTech and @PowerVRInsider) and keep coming back to our blogs.

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