Imagination has a number of close links with universities supporting both research and teaching programmes.  One example of this is the Group Design Project which is done as part of the University of Southampton Electronic and Computer Science undergraduate Master of Electronic Engineering (MEng) courses.  The project lasts for 10 weeks, and the students work in groups of five.

External companies are allowed to propose projects for a group of students to do, and then they support the group throughout the project.  We have been involved in the project for a number of years, with students working on audio fingerprinting, JPEG encoding or decoding and motion JPEG.

The FlowCloud Home Recommender project

This year we asked the students to produce a Home Recommender system.  This analyses the web traffic on a home network, and based on the webpages visited suggests new relevant webpages that people might be interested in (this is similar to Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” system).  The students were able to use our latest technologies: Minimorph and FlowWorld, along with the accompanying software.  They also got to experience producing a real world system, using technology that has been deployed in millions of shipped products.

Imagination FlowCloud MinimorphThe low cost, high performance Meta-based hardware platform known as the Minimorph

The Minimorph ran a HTTP proxy server that performed word frequency analysis on the webpages the users on the home network were accessing.  The output of the analysis was sent to an external server.  This trawled websites like the BBC and Wikipedia, and again performed word frequency analysis on the webpages that were found.  The word frequency results from the Minimorph were compared against the results from the trawled websites. The top matching webpages were then found, and the URLs were put onto FlowWorld.  The Minimorph then accessed FlowWorld to get these recommended websites, and displayed the links back to the users.

The project was a great success, and the students managed to get a fully working system.  You can see a live demonstration of the final product in the video below:

How to get started with Meta and FlowWorld

If you want to get started writing code for the Minimorph platform, register now on our dedicated Meta Insider website to download the FlowCloud SDK. The Meta Insider forum is an additional source for information – our DevTech team is ready to answer all your Meta-related questions.

For more news about FlowWorld and development advances in Imagination’s Meta-powered embedded system, follow us on Twitter (@ImaginationPR) and subscribe to our blog.

Andrew Bennett contributed to this post.