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smart cameras webinar
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Benny Har-Even

Keeping an eye on AI: smart cameras and intelligence at the edge

Recently, we ran a webinar entitled, “Enabling efficient implementation of neural networks in smart cameras”. If you missed it, it’s worth checking out, as we take a close look at the smart camera market and the need to embed neural network accelerator in edge devices. For those with

Zoom and enhance
News and events
Benny Har-Even

Zoom and enhance: Imagination at the Embedded Vision Summit

In our report on last year’s Embedded Vision Summit, we observed that machine learning was at the top of the classic Gartner hype cycle. Imagination was of course once again in attendance at the show last month and we’d say it was still riding high. Kristof Beets, Senior

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Simon Forrest

When humans don’t ‘need to know’: How on-chip AI helps GDPR compliance

The impact of GDPR On 25th May 2018, all member states of the European Union will adopt the new General Data Protection Regulations (also called GDPR) which tightens up rules on the collection, management and usage of personal data. The new regulations have wide-ranging implications on the way

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Rosanna Ashworth-Jones

Introducing the PowerVR CLDNN SDK

Recently, we released our first AI-orientated SDK – the PowerVR CLDNN. In this post we’d like to explain what it is, what it’s for, and how to use it, so read on for more. The CLDNN API The PowerVR CLDNN API enables fast, efficient development and deployment of

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Benny Har-Even

When technology gets spooky

As a former technology journalist it’s not often I find myself bamboozled by technology, but the other day it happened. I was in the process of upgrading from one generic fruit-related smartphone device to another when something seemingly remarkable took place. I took the ‘new’ device out of the

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Benny Har-Even

Training convolutional neural networks for efficient inference

As technology buzz words go, we think you’d be hard-pressed to find two that are more prevalent right now than neural networks and artificial intelligence; and with good reason. They are widely in use today, powering the image recognition in your favourite (or not so favourite) social media

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Benny Har-Even

PowerVR and neural network acceleration: way ahead of the game

If you’ve been paying attention to the neural network scene recently, and really, why wouldn’t you be – you’ll be aware that it’s a market that’s really getting a lot of attention. In fact, machine learning and deep learning are threatening to become terms that even your mother

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Jen Bernier

Neural networks – a guide for my mom

My mother is a retired nurse. She’s an intelligent woman, and when it comes to caring for patients, really knows her stuff. The other day I told her I was working on launching Imagination’s new neural network accelerator. “What do you mean?” she asked – having, of course,

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Benny Har-Even

Why the PowerVR Series2NX NNA is the future of neural net acceleration

For many, PowerVR is closely associated with graphics technology, from the early days of desktop PC gaming to arcade consoles, and later to home consoles and then, of course, to mobile. Indeed, we’ve recently celebrated our 25th anniversary in a series of blog posts. However, PowerVR also includes

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British Engineering Excellence Award

PowerVR Vision & AI design team collect another award

We’re delighted that the design team for our PowerVR Series2NX Neural Network Accelerator (NNA) has been honoured with a prestigious British Engineering Excellence Award (BEEA). The BEEAs were established in 2009 to demonstrate the high calibre of engineering design and innovation in the

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Imagination Technologies: the ray tracing pioneers

After a period out of the spotlight, ray tracing technology has recently come back into focus, taking up a lot of column inches in the tech press. The primary reason is because graphics cards for the PC gaming market have

Amazon Fire Stick 4K pic

Amazon Lights up its Fire TV Stick 4K with PowerVR

Amazon, the internet shopping giant, announced earlier this week the latest version of its media streaming device, the Fire TV Stick 4K. First released in 2016, the Fire TV stick brings catch-up streaming services to any TV with an HDMI

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